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*Domain Name Money-Back Guarantee

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.MY Domain For The Price Of 2 Years (SAVE RM240!)

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MY Domain Name

Why Register/Buy a MY Domain?

The .com.my domain, a Malaysia country code top level domain (ccTLD), is now extremely popular among registered Malaysia businesses as it shows the identity of Malaysia, a land of great business opportunities and stability.

Moreover, a .com.my domain increases customer trust because only legally registered businesses in Malaysia or Malaysians are qualified to register. With higher credibility, your blog, e-Store, or website can RANK HIGHER in local search results when someone searches for your business in GOOGLE.COM.MY. It all begins from your domain!

Get a Catchy MY Domain, Protect Your Privilege!

There are still a lot of good and catchy names / keywords available for MY domains which you can’t get for general TLDs like .COM and .NET. Don’t wait anymore! Let’s check the availability of your preferred domain now! Register/buy your MY domain name NOW to protect your privilege!

Free DNS Management

With DNS Management, domain owners can manage their DNS records. They can choose which specific part of their website to be hosted on which server. If one of the DNS servers cannot translate a certain domain name, then it will ask from one server to another to get the correct IP address to be returned.

MY Domain

Malaysia Domains

Why is having a Malaysia Domain Important?

Reach out Better to Local Customers and Gain their Trust. Domain is a must to kickstart a website, forum or blog. Secure the trust of your customers and reach out to local market better than your competitors! What is more? MY domains help greatly in the listing of your business profile in local directories. You may ask, what is the big deal when your brand or company doesn’t have a domain? The fact is, your brand/company’s domain can be taken by your competitors if you do not act fast. Set yourself apart from the competition!

Grab Your Malaysia Domain Ahead Of Your Competitors!

Your business and customers will be stolen! If they go for your competitors instead of you, you will lose the business forever! In today’s brand conscious world, your brand is of paramount importance! Your Domain name signifies your BRAND and makes people remember your company and make recurring purchases. Secure your domain TODAY to secure your BRAND and CUSTOMERS. MY Domains tell your customers that you are from MALAYSIA, a land of stability and ample business opportunities! In addition, your domain increases your company’s credibility and strengthens your corporate identity.

Seize This Promo Or Pay MORE In The Future

Now, the price of .MY Domains is slashed to the lowest prices possible – get 2 years and FREE 2 years for only RM240. You SAVE as much as RM240 when you register! The MORE domains you register, the MORE you Save. Act now! Don’t wait anymore! Grab your favourite .MY Malaysia Domain NOW! Register TODAY to win Customer Confidence and Loyalty, and avoid PAYING MORE in the future!

Examples Of Popular Websites With MY Domains:

  • starbucks.com.my
  • zalora.com.my/
  • mcdonalds.com.my
  • honda.com.my
  • sony.com.my
  • kfc.com.my
  • maxis.com.my
  • lazada.com.my
  • thestar.com.my
  • maybank2u.com.my
  • skynet.com.my
  • u.com.my

Your questions, our answers

What is the requirement to register .MY and .COM.MY domain?

A: For .MY domains, you are required to enter your Mykad (Malaysia Identification Card ). If you wish to register a .COM.MY domain, you are required to provide your company registration number for verification. If you are a non-citizen and wish to purchase .MY/.COM.MY domain, please contact us using our LiveChat or sales@exabytes.my

How does the domain money-back guarantee works?

The money-back guarantee is valid for 3 days only (from the date of payment made). Exabytes will refund as credits to your billing account for next purchase. Therefore, you can use the credits for new registration of any products or services from us. Refund requests made after the 3-day period is strictly not allowed.

How Domain Life Cycle Works ?

  • Domain life cycle is the cycle of domain ownership process. After you purchase a domain, you will receive an email which indicates that you have successfully registered the domain name. This also signifies the beginning of your domain name. Domain lifecycle is divided into five stages upon your successful purchase for the domain name.
  • Domain activatedYour domain will be activated upon your successful payment
  • Domain de-activatedYour domain will be de-activated upon domain expiry date for 30 days.
  • Domain redemption periodAfter the de-activated period, your domain will proceed to redemption period for 30 days. If you decide to redeem back your domain in this period, you will be charge extra redemption fee of USD200 (Will be converted to MYR) + renewal fee
  • Pending delete domainAt this stage (5 days) your site visitor will be redirected to your registrar default DNS page
  • Available for registrationThe domain is now re-open to public for registration. Anyone can register for this domain name on first come first serve basis.

Terms and Conditions

    1. Domain Name Money-Back Guarantee is valid for 3 days (from the date of payment). It will be refunded with Exabytes credits only.
    2. Get a free power bank when you purchase both .MY + .COM.MY domain (4 years & above). Valid for orders from 6 – 31 July 2018 only.
    3. Get 4 years of MY Domain for the price of 2 years only! Promo ends on 31 July 2018.
    4. Whois Privacy Protection is not available for Country Level Domain Names. Therefore, FREE Whois Privacy Protection is not applicable for MY domain name registration.
    5. Promo prices are for first domain registrations only(first-come, first-served basis). For domain renewals, prices will revert to normal.
    6. This offer is open to only Malaysian Citizens and Businesses Registered in Malaysia.
    7. For *.my domain registrations, please email your company’s Form D/24 or 49 or Malaysian IC to domain@exabytes.my when requested. Kindly remember to state the domain name you wish to purchase. Exabytes reserves the right to cancel your domain and payment if supporting documents are not received.
    8. Domain registration fees are strictly non refundable if exceeded the 3 days Money-Back Guarantee validity period.
    9. This promotion is NOT applicable for the registration/purchase of Premium Domains or domains with 4 characters and below. For enquiries on premium domains, please contact us.
    10. Promotion is subject to .MY Domain Registry Terms and Conditions. View our terms of service here.
    11. Exabytes reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this offer without any prior notice.

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