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Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Fast & Secure Disaster Recovery Solution

Business Continuity and Data Availability with DRaaS

Businesses face potential disasters every second of the day. Malicious actors could be preparing to hack their online platforms, strong winds could leave them without power, or employee negligence may result in customer data falling into the wrong hands. Disruption appears to be waiting around every corner. Disaster Recovery (DR) has become a vital aspect for both a company’s IT and overall business strategy – with the primary objective being to recover from an outage or disaster as quickly as possible, thereby minimizing downtime.

Instant Cloud Recovery

Instant Cloud Recovery

Exabytes with Veeam makes a recovery from disaster faster and easier. We support low recovery time objectives (RTO) by mirroring your workloads, with the block level replication. Our architecture supports scalability along with multiple-site replication support, faster deployments, and more provisioning.


Rapid Railover and Failback

Have your off-premises data backup and disaster recovery needs met all by one solution, backed by Exabytes and Veeam. You will get fast failover of all your IT workloads — applications, data, servers and systems and fall back to the original data center with our DRaaS solutions.


Purpose-Built with Security in Mind

Exabytes’s Disaster Recovery offers you advanced levels of computing for most demanding workloads.Our advanced penetration testing during failover tests helps to uncover all the vulnerabilities that your IT infrastructure might compromise of when hit by the disaster.

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Flexible and Customizable

Exabytes DRaaS solutions are aligned to the requirements and needs of the users completely. It is adapted to specific business processes, applications, data and workflows. When it comes to disaster recovery offerings, we provide a variety of RPO and RTO solutions that cater to your requirements.

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    Your Business Needs Are Not Limited To Backup, But Also Disaster Recovery

    Disaster recovery is similar to backup but it is used for larger instances. A complete image of your disk drives and servers are mirrored. The image allows you to restore the system quicker than reinstalling an OS and copying files. Don’t get caught up on the term “disaster” and believe it has to be a major incident. A disaster can be your entire network crashes and your employees can no longer work for the day (or longer). With a disaster recovery plan, it replicates your entire computing environment – data, systems, networks, and applications – and makes it available when your primary environment is unavailable.

    Veeam enables DRaaS

    Veeam defines DRaaS, by offering it as part of a comprehensive availability strategy.

    The Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) market gets a lot of buzz, but end users still find it challenging. Many of the products on the market today offer a DRaaS solution in addition to, or separate from, an overall data protection strategy, often pulling the focus of IT away from their current datacenter investments and momentum. These solutions add an additional layer of management complexity, and often leave businesses uncertain that they can actually recover if something goes terribly wrong.

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