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Conversations Made Easier


A Unified Support Channel

Streamline your support channels – Email, Phone, Chat and more – so you can respond to all your customers from just one place.


Manage Conversations Easily

Notice trends, set priorities, assign tickets to the right agents, and enable faster resolutions from one place.

Phone System & Call Center Features

Call Center Performance

Learn everything that happened in a call by using call recordings, post-call transcripts, and call-lifecycle information. Monitor agent performance and keep a pulse on your customer satisfaction with live dashboards.


Empower your support team to work together with best-in-class ticketing and resolve customer issues faster.


For standard support

Email & Social Ticketing
Ticket Dispatch
Knowledge Base
Ticket Trend Reports
Helpdesk Reports
Custom Ticket Views
Collision Detection
Marketplace Apps
Customer Fields
Data Center Location


For stellar performance

Everything in Growth, plus
Round-robin Routing
Custom Roles
Custom Reports and Dashboards
Customer Segments
Versioning in Knowledge Base
CSAT Survey & Reports
Multilingual Knowledge Base


Perfect for enterprises-grade support

Everything in Pro, plus
Skill-based Routing
Audit Log
Knowledge Base Approval Workflow
Agent Shifts
5000 bot sessions/month
Email Bot
IP Range Restriction
Canned Response Suggester
Article Suggester

Contact Center

Telephony-first customer support


For fast growth

Inbound Caller ID
Desktop Notifications
Call Notes
Custom Greetings
Call Metrics
Basic Call Queues
Wait Queues
Call Recording


For high performance

Everything in Growth, plus
Call Barging
Call Recording Opt-out
Routing Automation
Call Conferencing
Agent Extensions
Call Lifecycle
Advanced Call Metrics
SIP Connections


For enterprise-grade support

Everything in Pro, plus
Omnichannel Routing
Speech Enabled IVR
Abandoned Call Metrics
Service Level Monitoring
Includes 5000 bot sessions/month

Freshdesk Omnichannel

Leverage messaging and telephony features with your Freshdesk

Growth Omnichannel

For standard support

Everything in Freshdesk Growth, plus
Includes up to 2000 Incoming Minutes/Month
Includes up to 2000 Bot Sessions/Month
Email & Social Ticketing
Chatbot Builder
Chatbot Analytics
Contact Management
Omnichannel Dashboard
Ticket, Conversation, and Call Reports

Pro Omnichannel

For stellar performance

Everything in Freshdesk Pro, plus
Includes 3000 Local Incoming Min/Month
Includes up to 3000 Bot Sessions/Month
Whatsapp Business
Omnichannel Customer Timeline
Omnichannel Knowledge Base
Roles & Permissions
Custom Apps
Custom Reports
CSAT Survey & Reports
Multilingual Knowledge Base
Agent Availability Report

Enterprise Omnichannel

Perfect for enterprises-grade support

Everything in Enterprise Pro, plus
Includes 5000 Local Incoming Min/Month
Includes up to 5000 Bot Sessions/Month
Abandoned Call Metrics
Audit Log
Speech-enabled IVR
Agent Shifts
Article Suggester
Email Bot
IP Range Restriction
Canned Response Suggester
User Authentication

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    Handle enquiries across channels

    Connect and Manage your customers from Website, Email, Live Chat & Social Media on a single platform



    Convert support emails into trackable tickets in your helpdesk that you can manage and resolve.

    phone support


    Set up a fully functional call center and record and track calls by converting them into tickets.



    Engage, support, and retain customers through live chat.

    online web


    Let customers raise tickets from your website and display related knowledge base articles as they type.


    Facebook Support

    Integrate your company’s Facebook page with your helpdesk so that agents can step in and help when customers post on your page asking for support.


    Twitter Support

    Integrate your company’s Twitter handles with your helpdesk so that important tweets are converted to tickets and addressed immediately.

    Intelligent ticket assignment

    Assign tickets to agents based on their current workload, skill or using the round robin method

    Time-triggered automation

    Execute maintenance activities on tickets based on the time lapsed since an event happened

    Automatically suggest solutions

    Allow relevant solutions to pop up for customers and save time for your agents and customers

    Agent Collision Detection

    Ensure that multiple agents don’t wind up working on the same ticket by accident

    Canned Responses

    Provide quick, consistent responses to common questions by creating pre-formatted replies

    Parent-child Ticketing

    Resolve complex, multi-stage issues faster by splitting them into smaller child tickets

    Collaborate over Conference Calls

    Prevent escalations and call transfers by adding agents to your ongoing call and assist the caller better

    Call Barging

    When monitoring calls, barge in at any point to speak to the callers and the agents simultaneously

    Segment Calls with Multi-Level IVR

    Set up a fully flexible PBX system with capabilities to easily route calls to your agents or teams, along with the ability to include self-service options

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