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Lark tools: achieve more with cost-effective chat & collaboration, effortless global operations, and advanced task management.

Did You Know?

Employees toggle between different apps and websites nearly 1,200 times each day and waste 1 month each year on that. It’s not surprising given the amount of collaboration tools used creates a fragmented, time-consuming experience for employees.

You can supercharge your teams' productivity
with these features

Organize teams around strategic business goals with OKR

Lark's OKRs feature helps create organizational focus with alignment on individual and team goals. Features such as recommendations on alignment and an alignment view help employees clearly communicate their business focus and collaborate towards the same goal.

Automate workflows to increase productivity

Automate tasks to run 24 hours independently, according to your commands. Connect the apps you regularly use and customise your personal workflows without any coding. From daily check in reminder to sync document data.

A central hub for all your approvals

Choose from hundreds of ready-to-use templates or customize your approval process design that suits the needs of your business. Approve requests with one click.

OKR (Objectives and Key Results)

OKR dashboard for better insights

Intuitive OKR data dashboards provide insights on adoption rate, progress, and many other aspects to help team leaders better monitor team achievements, identify potential risks, and motivate the team towards ambitious goals

Integrate OKR with Lark Docs

Effortlessly integrate your KPIs and OKRs into any Lark Doc, allowing for seamless collective updates and synchronization with your OKR system

Lark Pricing Plans for All Businesses



For up to 500 users

Unlimited Chats & Full Context of Message History
1 TB Shared Document Storage
5 TB Email Storage
500 Meeting Participants
24 Hours Meeting Duration
Unlimited Wiki Knowledge Base
Collaborative Content Creation for docs, sheets, data tables, flowcharts, project management, templates and more


Unlimited users

Everything in Pro, plus
10 TB Shared Document Storage
Free Daily Backup
Unlimited Email Storage
Single sign-on (SSO)
Advance security and permission
Live event streaming

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    Manage all your work in one place

    Email to a chat group

    Send announcements to entire chat groups, departments or teams in a breeze


    Submit and process all types of approvals on a single platform. Actionable approval center for making fast business decisions. Approve requests with one click, even on the go


    You no longer need to be a spreadsheet expert to create insightful charts. With Base, turn data into engaging dashboards with ease


    A knowledge management solution for organizations, where you can create, organize and manage rich content with your entire team


    Organize teams around strategic goals, recommendations on alignment and an alignment view help employees clearly communicate their business focus and collaborate towards the same goal

    Open Platform

    Seamlessly integrate with your existing third party tools or build your own apps with APIs

    Lark Search


    Find anything in an instant from person to document content

    Lark Attendance


    Manage everyone's attendance easily through Lark's smart Attendance app, and have readily available data to track your team's trends as well as reward those who work overtime

    Lark Task


    Assign tasks instantly within collaborative docs. Tag a colleague in a Doc alongside a task to assign it to them, and set a reminder

    Discover a new way to collaborate with Lark

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    ISO/IEC 27001, 27018, 27701 Information Security Certification

    SOC 2/3

    System and Organization Control for managing data

    Amazon Web Services

    High availability services backup through Amazon Web Services

    APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules System

    Facilitate seamless cross-border flows of personal data

    APEC Privacy Recognition for Processors System

    Implementation of security safeguards and accountability measures

    Data Protection Trustmark

    Demonstrating accountable data protection practices

    Data Centers

    US East (N. Virginia)

    Asia Pacific (Tokyo)

    Asia Pacific (Singapore)

    About Lark

    Lark is a new take on the office suite that is transforming workplace collaboration. Founded in 2016, Lark effectively combines messaging, schedule management and online collaborative documents in a single platform. Setting out to revolutionize the way team members collaborate for increased efficiency, Lark delivers a seamless user experience for the modern enterprise. It is available now on macOS, Windows, iOS and Android.

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