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EBuzzzz Email Marketing

EBuzzzz 1

As low as



  • 10,000 Max Subscribers
  • 20,000 No of E-Mails / Month

EBuzzzz 2

As low as


On sale – Save 20%

  • 20,000 Max Subscribers
  • 40,000 No of E-Mails / Month

EBuzzzz 3

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On sale – Save 20%

  • 30,000 Max Subscribers
  • 60,000 No of E-Mails / Month

EBuzzzz 4

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On sale – Save 20%

  • 40,000 Max Subscribers
  • 80,000 No of E-Mails / Month

What Are The Benefits Of EBuzzzz Email Marketing?

Put Office in Your Pocket

Personalize Your Email Campaigns

Improve your campaign response by personalizing your email campaigns. Include any subscriber information including their name, email, custom fields (like country, age, gender, etc..) within your email. You can even create blocks of conditional content to show certain content to subscribers matching certain criteria (such as showing certain products to certain genders).


Manage (And Grow) Your Subscriber List With Ease

Build, Manage and Store your list of subscribers more effectively. You can view individual details for each subscriber. Track and undersatnd their subscription behaviours (links clicked, campaigns they opened, etc..) in order to plan future campaigns that will send to them. You can also create custom fields to store subscriber data such as drop downs, text fields, radio buttons, and more.


Instant Email Design Testing

See how your email will look in the various email clients (Such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Live Mail, Apple Mail, Lotus Notes, iPhone, etc..) We will even tell you what is wrong with your email design (if there are issues) so you can quickly fix it.

Instant Website

Design Beautiful Email Templates With Ease

Using our built-in email designer you can work on your content, insert images, and style your email without having to know any special programming skills. Easy-to-use panel provides easy access through a web based panel at anytime and anywhere if you have an Internet connection.


Be Prepared For The Spam Filters

While creating your campaign we will automatically run your email campaign through popular spam filters alerting you of any changes you should make before sending to ensure top delivery.

Screenshots Of EBuzzzz Email Marketing Panel

Add New List

Add New List

View & Manage Subscriber

View & Manage Subscriber

View & Manage Campaign

View & Manage Campaign

Email / Newsletter Composing

Email / Newsletter Composing

View Sending Report

View Sending Report

Add New Subscriber

Add New Subscriber

Create New Campaign

Create New Campaign

EBuzzzz Dashboard

EBuzzzz Dashboard

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any statistical report for me to refer?

Yes. The statistical reports will help you have a visual breakdown of all message information and statistics. More in-depth information is also available for every aspect of your sent messages.

How many mailing lists or subscribers that we can possibly insert?

You are allowed to create unlimited mailing lists and number of subscribers is as per package subscription.

Can I upgrade my package?

Yes. You can upgrade your package anytime. Just contact us at

Before I send out my emails, is there any function for me to have a preview/test on?

Yes. You have the “test send” feature where you could send the email to your own mailbox to have a preview before you send out to all of your subscribers.

Can I schedule my email-sending option so that the email will only be sent at my preferred time?

Yes. You can set the Scheduled Sending of your email where you can send the email at your preferred date and time or whether it will be a recurring sending.

Do I have the option to include attachments to my emails?

Yes you can. You may attach up to 3 files and maximum file size for each file is 1MB to ensure smooth sending and receiving from your recipient.

Will the lists that I have created and sent out previously be archived?

Yes. You shall find an archived copy of your list/messages in your EBuzzzz panel.

Can I export my statistics to an Excel file?

Yes. You can view your statistics report and then export it to an Excel file.

Can I insert my URL link in the message that I wish to send out to my customers?

Yes. When your client views your message, they will be viewing your message from your website URL at your own server.

How can I easily create my contents when creating a message?

You can easily create messages using the HTML WYSIWYG text editor or using your plain text email.

When will the monthly sending quota be reset?

Monthly email sending quota will be reset on every 1st of the month.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Promotion price is applicable to new registration only. For renewal, the price will be reverted to default price.
  2. Promotion price only entitle for new signup.
  3. No refund will be provided for cancellation of the EBuzzzz Email Marketing services.
  4. You do agree to our terms of service available here.
  5. Number of emails allowed for sending per month will be reset at the beginning of each month.
  6. All prices are quoted in Malaysia Ringgit.
  7. For enquiries, please contact us.
  8. You do agree to our terms of service available here.

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