About The Book

“From Zerobyte to Exabytes” is the first book written on Exabytes’ success story and the entrepreneurial journey of its founder cum CEO Mr. Chan Kee Siak (finalist of Top Outstanding Young Malaysian 2011 when he was 31 years old). Born to a hawker family, the self-taught entrepreneur worked as a child helper at his parents’ hawker store and founded Exabytes at the tender age of 19 after dropping out of college to concentrate on his 100% website business.”

Exabytes Book

Highlights Of The Book

  • Nothing is Impossible
  • Guts & vision are what you need to be successful in business
  • Creativity in business will set you apart from the rest
  • A good business is there to solve its clients’ problems & better their lives
  • Your employees deserve your highest respect; have fun with them
  • Training for your employees must be on-going, including motivational classes
  • A good business coach can take you and your employees to the next level
On “HOW”
On “HOW”
  • The BEST MARKETING TOOL in the world of Online Business
  • Business Branding – it’s FREE
  • What is “failure” and how it should be treated in business
  • How to set business target?
  • Leading & motivating your team the right way
  • When a business mistake is done, don’t brood, move on (but how?)
Exabytes Book
Why You Should Get This Book
  • Besides nuggets of business wisdom, it’s an extremely fun read
  • It’s not a text-only book; the book is full of attractive computer drawings which speak for a thousand words
  • Founder cum CEO Mr. Chan Kee Siak, a charismatic leader will reveal all his secrets to success without holding back
  • You get the autographed version when you purchase from us online
  • You will find discount coupons in this book – use them to get good discounts when you shop with Exabytes & Easy.my in the future (no expiry date)
Who Is Chan Kee Siak
  • An even tempered & charismatic leader who believes that the best leadership is leadership by example
  • He leads by respect & trust – never once raised his voice to his staff in the past 11 years
  • He brought Exabytes from a one-man company to a reputable IT establishment today with 80+ members of staff throughout Malaysia and in Singapore.
  • He went through numerous business challenges before leading Exabytes to the biggest web hosting provider in 2005 till today
  • He was the finalist of Top Outstanding Young Malaysian 2011 at age 31
  • Under his leadership, Exabytes has bagged numerous prestigious awards over the years
  • Chapter 1: Exabytes and Me
  • Chapter 2: My College Studies vs. My Increasing Online Business
  • Chapter 3: Best Timing for My Online Business
  • Chapter 4: How My Growing-Up Years Shaped Me and Today’s Exabytes
  • Chapter 5: How I Outran My Competitors and Became Malaysia’s Number One Web-Hosting Company
  • Chapter 6: The Exabytes Team at Suntech,Penang Cybercity
  • Chapter 7: Management Style and Business Philosophy
  • Chapter 8: Corporate Culture
  • Chapter 9: Branding the Exabytes Way
  • Chapter 10: Online Business Tips
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