Exabytes Cockroach JumpStart Partner Program

Exabytes Co-Working Space Partner Program

Double up benefits, attract more members for you!

Do you run a coworking space in Malaysia? Do you wish to grow your coworking space and attract more startups? Join us and become a partner Today!

About Exabytes Co-Working Space Partner Program

This partnership program aims to benefit co-working spaces and their members. Co-working spaces can expect to enjoy free workshops and events conducted by professionals from Exabytes at their premises, plus other exciting benefits. Moreover, selected co-working space members can obtain business funding from Exabytes JumpStart Program, which would give a strong boost to the startup.

Partner's Benefits:

  • Exabytes will run workshops to share skills and knowledge with your members/clients.
  • Exabytes will promote your co-working space to its clients by featuring your brand logo on the special partner section.
  • Recruiting materials to attract more startups to join your facilities.
  • A designated community manager will be working closely with your co-working space to coordinate workshops and other events on a regular basis, and to discuss and brainstorm for more ideas.

Your Members Enjoy:

  • RM1,500 Exabytes Credits (Valid for 1 year) – can use to claim any of Exabytes’ product such as website design, business email, digital marketing, domain, or hosting.
  • RM100 EasyParcel Credits (Valid for 1 year) – EasyParcel is a web-based parcel consolidator and E-commerce shipping solutions provider.
  • Free EasyStore Lite worth RM780 (For 1 year) – EasyStore is an easy-to-use tool for sellers to create store and sell products online.

Become Our Partner!

Your co-working space and all the members will enjoy from amazing benefit such as website design, business email, digital marekting, free workshop that offered by this program. Join and start sharing this great news to your members today.

To find out more about the requirements to be a partner, download a copy of the partnership agreement form here.

About Exabytes Cockroach Startup Program

Exabytes Cockroach Startup Program is a brainchild of the Exabytes Group, created with the objective of assisting and empowering great ideas and entrepreneurs in the country, maximizing their potential so that they can be all they could be.

The name ‘cockroach’ was chosen to highlight the desired qualities of ideal startups – resilient, highly adaptable and equipped to overcome challenges – made possible by building a strong foundation for the business before working its way to the top.

For more info: https://www.cockroach.asia/