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Exabytes Cockroach JumpStart Program

Kickstart Your Entrepreneurship with Exabytes

Startups can now generate interest, spread influences and gain public awareness in the most effective way. Kick Starts With RM1500 Credits

Give your entrepreneurship a much needed boost!

Exabytes Cockroach JumpStart Program aims to help entrepreneurs jumpstart and build their online presence with funding and resources. Entrepreneurs can now generate interest, spread influence and gain public awareness the most effective way.


RM1500 Exabytes Credits

You can use the credits to purchase domains, web hosting, web design and more. Is your business using a professional business email? Exabytes offers product, such as Mail PRO. A professional branded email addresses can improve and help build customer loyalty and trust.


Free E-Commerce Store

We are a small group of young and energetic talents brought together by our passion to help small businesses grow through technology. With EasyStore, you can easily create and manage your online store and sell online – on your computer, mobile or tablet.


RM100 EasyParcel Credits

More than 50,000 people and businesses in Malaysia are using EasyParcel. EasyParcel platform allows you to book for delivery from multiple established courier companies in Malaysia at an affordable rate. Use our services to your advantage.


EasyWork Bonus

An easy-to-use administrative app that revolutionizes the way your company works. From Leave Management to Attendance Tracking, EasyWork is a one-stop solution that makes managing your workforce an interesting and easy task.

The What and Why of JumpStart Program

Exabytes Cockroach JumpStart Program is a brainchild of Exabytes, created with the objective of assisting and empowering great ideas and entrepreneurs in the country, maximizing their potential so that they can be all they could be. The funds that participants will get from the program is to serve exactly these purposes, to maximise potential, boost initial growth, build initial audience and more.


Who Is Behind This

Exabytes, a leading website hosting provider in Southeast Asia in the organizer of this program. Today, it serves 75,000+ Customers (from individuals, students, SMEs, to government and public listed companies) in 121 countries.

As Features In:

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Your complete Cloud, Digital and eCommerce solutions provider

SEA’s Trusted and Leading Brand

Known and recognised as Southeast Asia’s leading cloud, eCommerce and digital solutions provider. Trusted by over 160,000 customers globally.

More Than A Web Hosting Provider

We are your one-stop point for all that you’ll need to have online presence and grow your business to greater heights online.

The Latest is Here at Exabytes

Always up-to-date, we are equipped with the latest products and services that is best-suited for our clients’ business performance.

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We have full confidence in the products and services we offer, that ensure us with excellent client confidence and satisfaction.

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