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Being Exabytes customer #TeamExabytes,
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How It Works

Renew or purchase to earn an entry.
Note: Each invoice marked “Paid” is entitled to only one (1) lucky draw entry.
No registration required as submission is automatically done when invoice is generated.
Lucky draw entry is submitted the same month the invoice is generated.
Host & Win

May 2024 (MY)
Nott Yusuf


Mar 2024 (SG)
John Tan


Nov 2023
Samuel Chan


Oct 2023
Cheok Kim Hong

Host and Win

Aug'2023 (SG)
Bernard Tay


Jun'2023 (SG)
Mike Lim

Host & Win May 2023 Winner: Jo Ching

May'2023 (MY)
Jo Ching

Host & Win May 2023 Winner: Danny Lim

May'2023 (SG)
Danny Lim

Host & Win Winner April 2023: Ahmad A.

April 2023 (MY)
Ahmad A.

Host & Win Winner April 2023: Vincent Hong

April 2023 (SG)
Vincent Hong

Feb'2023 (SG) Dylan Tan

Feb'2023 (SG)
Dylan Tan


Ryo Ito

Host and Win December 2022 Winner

Barry Ooi



Host and Win October 2022 Winner

Ahmad Nazmi Ab. Razak

Host & Win Oct 2022

Oct'2022 (SG)
3XXX406 - Ng Lye Soon (Ben)

Host & Win Sept 2022

Sep'2022 (SG)
3XXX153 - Liz


Aug'2022 (SG)
3XXX421 - Tan Chern wei

Host & Win July 2022

Jul'2022 (MY)
3XXX396 - Yap Wai Fong


Jul'2022 (SG)
3XXX620 - Edmond Yeoh

Host and Win Winner

Jun'2022 (SG)
Kelvin Chiang

Host and Win Winner

May'2022 (SG)
3XXX726 - Paul Goh

Host and Win Winner

Apr'2022 (SG)
Ng Chin Hock

Host and Win

Apr'2022 (MY)
Gai Chia Shin

Host and Win Winner

Mar'2022 (SG)
Stacy Chow

Feb 2022 Winner

Feb'2022 (MY)
3xxx010 - Melina A. Karim

Jan 2022 Winner

Jan'2022 (SG)
3xxx989 - Hanzalah Mohammed

Dec 2021 SG Winner

Dec'2021 (SG)
3xxx676 - Joel Ng

Dec'2021 (MY) 3xxx819 - Daniel Rizal

Dec'2021 (MY)
3xxx819 - Daniel Rizal

Nov'2021 (SG) 3xxx850 - Lucas Darmadi Setiawan

Nov'2021 (SG)
3xxx850 - Lucas Darmadi Setiawan

host win winner

Oct’2021 (MY)
3xxx118 - Hirna Mohd Tahir

host win winner

July’2021 (MY)
xxx670 - Winston Yoo

host win winner

July’2021 (SG)
3xxx678 - Adel Zamri

host win winner

June’2021 (MY)
3xxx348 - Rudie Yaakub

host win winner

May’2021 (SG)
3xxx382 - Bryan Pun

host win winner

Apr’2021 (MY)
3xxx780 - Yap Sze How

host win winner

Feb’2021 (SG)
3xxx091 - Johanson Chen

host win winner

Jan’2021 (MY)
3xxx318 - Eric Lim

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Terms and Conditions

  1. The campaign starts from 1 July to 30 September 2024.
  2. The campaign is valid for purchase and renewal of all Exabytes products.
  3. To be eligible for lucky draw entries, payment must be made successfully, and invoice marked “Paid” is generated.
  4. Please note that ONE (1) invoice is entitled to only ONE (1) entry. So, the more you purchase (the more invoices generated), the more entries you earn; hence the higher chances of winning.
  5. The winner to walk away with a brand new Xiaomi Air Purifier 4 Lite is selected from a random draw.
  6. All gifts are purchased brand new. Should there be any issues faced with the product, Exabytes will not be responsible for repairs and/or replacement.
  7. You’re welcome to email [email protected] for clarification or information.
  8. Exabytes reserves the right to amend any term and condition of this campaign without prior notice.

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