Malaysia Managed Linux SSD VPS Hosting

Ultra-Fast 100% Pure SSD Drive

  • Lighting-Fast Setup – VPS will be ready within a minute
  • High-Performance Hexa Core Intel Xeon Processor
  • 24×7 technical support via email / live chat / remote access help
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Your visitors can now enjoy faster and smoother website experience

With SSD VPS hosting, you are allocated with the hosting resources similar to a dedicated server — no one will be sharing server resources with you. Moreover, SSD Drives allow your website visitors to have a smooth and pleasant website experience.

Enjoy Dedicated Resources with KVM VPS Hosting

KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) provides a more isolated environment where 100% of the RAM and disk resources are dedicated to one individual user. It allows you to set maximum and minimum values to your resources, so that you use the resources needed by your applications only. KVM is real hardware virtualization, which offers better performance with lower requirements on the hypervisor.

Stable Bandwidth

Linux Standard SSD VPS Plans

See Windows SSD VPS Plans


Annually Subscription

RM 19.25/mo

On sale – Save 45%
Offer ends this month

  • 20 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 1 GB Memory
  • 1 vCPU
  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • 1TB Monthly Data Transfer
  • 10 Mbps Bandwidth
    100 Mbps Bandwidth
  • Include Lite Management Plan
  • Free SSL/HTTPS to secure customer data and increase search ranking


Annually Subscription

RM 56/mo

On sale – Save 20%
Offer ends this month

  • 40 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 2 GB Memory
  • 2 vCPU
  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • 2TB Monthly Data Transfer
  • Include Plesk Web Admin Control Panel
  • 10 Mbps Bandwidth
    100 Mbps Bandwidth
  • Include Lite Management Plan
  • Free SSL/HTTPS to secure customer data and increase search ranking


Annually Subscription

RM 112/mo

On sale – Save 20%
Offer ends this month

  • 80 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 4 GB Memory
  • 4 vCPU
  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • 4TB Monthly Data Transfer
  • Include Plesk Web Admin Control Panel
  • 10 Mbps Bandwidth
    100 Mbps Bandwidth
  • Include Lite Management Plan
  • Free SSL/HTTPS to secure customer data and increase search ranking


Annually Subscription

RM 224/mo

On sale – Save 20%
Offer ends this month

  • 160 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 8 GB Memory
  • 8 vCPU
  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • 8TB Monthly Data Transfer
  • Include Plesk Web Admin Control Panel
  • 10 Mbps Bandwidth
    100 Mbps Bandwidth
  • Include Lite Management Plan
  • Free SSL/HTTPS to secure customer data and increase search ranking

Linux Advanced SSD VPS Plans


As low as

RM 336/mo

On sale – Save 20%
Offer ends this month


As low as

RM 486/mo

On sale – Save 10%
Offer ends this month


As low as

RM 918/mo

On sale – Save 10%
Offer ends this month


As low as

RM 1350/mo

On sale – Save 10%
Offer ends this month

Switching From Other Web Host to Exabytes?

Switching From Other Web Host to Exabytes?

We provide Professional Hosting Migration Service. Let our team help you to save your time in figuring out how to migrate your website files over to us. We assure you all your web files will be migrated to our side in a safe and smooth process.

Get 10% discount when you switch to Exabytes

Get started Today if you need an SSD VPS hosting in Asia with Full Root Access, High Memory and a Dedicated IP!


Blazing Fast Pure SSD Drive

SSDs have lower access time, less latency and IOPS up to 100x more than normal drives. Instead of mere SSD caching, our VPS servers utilize 100% enterprise-grade SSDs.

100Mbps Bandwidth

Deploy in 3 Minutes!

No waiting. Just order and make payment. Our automated deployment system will ensure you have your SSD VPS server up and ready within minutes.

High Performance Server

High-Performance Processor

All systems come with Hexa Core Intel Xeon Processor for fast and responsive services.

Resources Fully Utilized

Easy Remote Management

You can use the SolusVM control panel, web based KVM virtual console or SSH to remotely manage your VPS server.

Root Access

Complete Control

You’re in charge with root (administrative) access to install PHP, modules, server level proxy, and much more.

Unlimited Space Backup

Never worry about losing any files, ever again

With only RM150/mo, unmetered Off Server Daily Backup backs up all of your data up to 14 days retention (optional).

Everything Goes Smoothly with Exabytes SSD VPS

It’s really simple to manage with plesk/cpanel control panel. We are always be your side with any technical issue you are facing. Contact Us at support@exabytes.my

Deploy in 3 minutes

Simplify your server management with One Dashboard

Focus on developing and scaling your web application, not on running infrastructure or managing security – Plesk helps you with all your WebOps needs.

Ready-to-code Environment

Plesk provides a full and ready-to-code environment, which in turn helps to save time and improve workflow.

Plesk Control Panel

It’s more than just a control panel. Plesk’s user-friendly interface and many tools make developing sites easy.

Rock Solid Server Security

Install all your security needs with pre-defined security pre-sets with just a simple click so that you don’t have to worry about the complicated configurations with Plesk.

Full Fledged Development Environment

Supported programming languages, including multiple versions of PHP development language, Perl, CGI-BIN, Java , Tomcat, Ruby, Python, .NET and more.

Open and Flexible third party interface

Plesk provide seamless integration, can be integrated with XML RPC API, CLI API, WHMCS, Ubersmith, marketing and SEO tools.

Database Option & Management

Supports all Major Databases like MySQL, MariaDB, PostgresSQL, MSSQL & , supports backup, restore, import and export functions.

If you are a web developer, you will love this feature from


Docker Support

Run container from images available and on demand access to a wide range of top technologies, such as MongoDB, Memcached, Redis & more.


Git Manager

Easily deploy your website by either pushing it to a local Git repository or by pulling it from a remote one.


WordPress toolkit

Manage your WordPress websites easily and securely with the powerful security and mass-management tool for your WordPress instances, plugins and themes.



This extension allows you to protect DNS data with the DNS security extensions.



Manage, deploy and configue all your Node.js apps and more



Easily deploy Ruby applications on your domains. Run your scripts directly in the browser!

Exabytes Client Review

Dedicated Server

Why Exabytes Managed SSD VPS?

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We guarantee 99.9% Network uptime on our SSD VPS to assure your server is well taken care of.

Reliable VPS Premium Support

Your server is being monitored 24×7 by our professional servers’ engineers. All your problems will be diagnosed and solved swiftly.

Deploy in 3 Minutes!

We understand that efficiency is the key to success in today’s digital world. When you purchase online, your server will be ready after just within 3 minutes of Lighting-Fast Setup.

Exabytes Managed SSD VPS Support Team

Our Managed VPS comes with Premium Support. We provide technical support via Email, Live Chat, and Remote Access Help.

24/7/365 Server Monitoring

We will monitor your server performance around the clock, especially during traffic spike. Our team will always be there for you including public holidays!

Support Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get root access to my own VPS server?

Yes. You will have the root access and total control of your own VPS server.

How many O/S templates do you offer?

We offer CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu. You may optionally addon cPanel for CentOS.

What type of control panels do you offer?

We offer cPanel, Plesk Web Admin, Plesk Web Pro and Plesk Web Host as an optional addon.

What type of hard drive is used for your VPS storage?

We use Solid-State Drive (SSD) for all our SSD VPS Hosting Plans.

Do I have access to my VPS console?

Yes. Solus VM Panel provides you with a built-in KVM console to access your VPS from a website browser. You can also reboot, shutdown, boot your VPS server from the client area.

Am I able to upgrade my VPS to higher plans in the future?

Yes. You may upgrade your VPS anytime should the needs arise.

Is backup service provided in SSD VPS?

Free backup service is not provided. You may add on Fully Managed Off Server Backup (R1Soft) during sign up if you require backup service.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Promotion price is applicable to new registration only. For renewal, the price will be reverted to default price.
  2. Setup Fee is waived for Quarterly / Semi-Annually / Annually / Biennially / Triennially sign up.
  3. Servers are hosted in Exabytes Data Center.
  4. Exabytes VPS Plans come with Secure SSL (https) when purchased with control panel (Plesk/cPanel).
  5. Addons such as cPanel / R1SoftBackup / eXploit Scanner activation take 1 business working day. If payment is received after 12 noon (GMT+8), addons activation will be completed on the next working day.
  6. cPanel/WHM configuration for Pro Management Plan users takes 1 business working day.
  7. Data migration for any plan downgrade incurs technical charge.
  8. 80% of VPS bandwidth is allocated for Local (Malaysia) access while the remaining 20% is allocated for International access.
  9. Free backup and restore service is not provided. Additional technical charges are applicable for backup and restore service.
  10. OS reloading request after initial setup incurs additional technical charge. · Setup fee is not refundable.
  11. For enquiries, please contact us.
  12. You do agree to our terms of service available here.

When we say Premium Support, we mean it.

24x7 support via Email, Live Chat, and Remote Access Help.

Professional Technical Support
Server Uptime Guarantee
Network Uptime Guarantee
Client Satisfaction Guarantee

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