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Are you an NGO or a not-for-profit organisation looking to build your online presence? Exabytes is passionate about growing online presence for NGOs and not-for-profit organisations.

Apply for a sponsorship with us and let us know your ideas and vision in growing your online presence. Each application will be reviewed carefully. Once approved, we will walk with you in building your online presence and growing your awareness digitally.

About #ExabytesWeCare

#ExabytesWeCare is all about caring for the society and our community. We want to give and contribute back to the people of our society and support those whom we can.

Our Mission

We want to assist NGOs and not-for-profit organisations in building a proper online presence, with a business email and an official website so they can be found online, and reachable to receive and offer assistance. We strongly believe that with a little help, NGOs and not-for-profit organisations can put their funds to better use in helping those in need, or save lives even.

#ExabytesWeCare is an initiative to support and assist the community. We want to lend a hand and grow with you digitally.

What Will You Get?

The sponsorship will include one Free Domain and EBiz 12 Plus Business Web Hosting

EBiz 12 Plus

This sponsorship includes the capacity of building up to 60 websites and 60 email accounts, with free daily back-up and up to 100,000 visits monthly.


RM 600/yr

  • .com / .org / .my Domain
  • Fast and Secured
  • Enhance Website Security360
  • Ultrafast LiteSpeed Server
  • Free SSL
  • WordPress Management
  • WordPress Acceleration
  • Support Basic WordPress
  • Support Cloudflare

Apply With Us For A Sponsorship

1. Fill in the application form and submit. You will receive a reply within 14 working days.

2. Once you’ve received an approval notification, follow our sponsorship guideline to complete the sponsorship requirements.

3. Your sponsorship will be processed. Enjoy your very own website soon!

Hand in hand, we grow together digitally

Share Your Good News!

Share your good news and let everyone know of your new website. We want to help more NGOs and not-for-profit organisations by sponsoring them with an online presence. Share the news and together we can give support to more NGOs and not-for-profit organisations.

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