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In today’s digital world, establishing your web presence or having a website can contribute greatly to raising the awareness of the general public, and enabling them to channel their donations, sponsorships, help and services to you more easily and conveniently.

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How To Get A Free Sponsorship

Brand it to your requirements

1. Fill in the form and submit. You will get a reply within 14 working days.

Follow Sponsorship Footage Guideline

2. Once you have received an approval notification, Follow our Sponsorship Footage Guideline for the instructions to complete the sponsorship requirements.

Get your website ready

3. Get your website ready!

How To Apply The Sponsorship Footer Logo?

Once your application has been approved, please follow the following Guidelines:

Step 1

Get the Exabytes logo from Choose the logo that suits your website design.

Step 2

Add a footer section on your website with the words “SPONSORED BY”, followed by the Exabytes Logo.

sponsored by Exabytes

Step 3

Add in the Reference Link, to the Exabytes logo.

Terms And Conditions

  1. Promotion price is applicable to new registration only. For renewal, the price will be reverted to default price.
  2. Exabytes will evaluate your application based on the details you send in accordingly.
  3. Exabytes Sponsorship program is open to Malaysia Citizens and NGO registered in Malaysia only.
  4. Applicants must fill out and submit the form to apply.
  5. Successful applicants must place a “Powered by Exabytes” link on their website, which links back to Exabytes website.
  6. This sponsorship program does not include web design as its sponsorship item.
  7. Exabytes’ decisions on the selection of applicants are final.
  8. Exabytes reserves the rights to approve, decline, make changes, or cancel this sponsorship without prior notice.