Lim Chen Luen <span class="pos-title"></span>

Lim Chen Luen

“Rating” ★★★★★

“Mr. JE Gan (Exabytes – Account Migration) deserves a praise / raise for his knowledge on , email settings and MS SQL administration since he is able to solve various issues during migration from the old server to the new server.

He have a good understanding of the issue in hand (understands the issues well) and competent enough to troubleshoot and solve it.”

Sam Liew <span class="pos-title"></span>

Sam Liew

“Rating” ★★★★★

“Please extend my compliments to Aida, who has assisted me all the way from configuring my outlook, explaining and setting up the best for my phone as well. She’s always friendly, helpful and patient with all my question.

I trust all my problems are solved now at this moment and i will contact again shall i face any problem in future.

Good job to everyone. You guys really work in team. Kudos and keep it up.”

Inspiren Network Sdn Bhd

Inspiren Network Sdn Bhd

“Rating” ★★★★★

“Inspiren and Exabytes are bonded tightly on their partnership! Throughout our journey since then till now, Exabytes never ceased to amaze Inspiren with the excellent products & services that they provide. From their friendly & polite staff who provide timely support; to the exclusive good pricing they offer to us. The relationship between Exabytes and Inspiren is strong and it will never change.”

Zulhafidz Yahaya <span class="pos-title"></span>

Zulhafidz Yahaya

“Rating” ★★★★★

“Ok Thank you exabytes! The best after sales service i’ve ever experienced.
thank you and good job guys.”

Wong Tiew Chai <span class="pos-title"></span>

Wong Tiew Chai

“Rating” ★★★★

“Exabytes provided excellent customer service and solve every support tickets within hours. Truely appreciated.”

Suzie Lee <span class="pos-title"></span>

Suzie Lee

“Rating” ★★★★★

“So far, we hardly contact team as we hardly encounter much problem. A big thank you and keep up the good work to the team behind Exabytes.”

Sharulazman Mhd Nasir <span class="pos-title"></span>

Sharulazman Mhd Nasir

“Rating” ★★★★★

“I already used Exabytes for years, and they have a great and fast services when i need them to correct the problem occurs. well done. hope exabytes will continue for better services in the future.”

Sek Leong Lai <span class="pos-title"></span>

Sek Leong Lai

“Rating” ★★★★★

“I am very happy and satisfied on the hosting services provided by Exabytes. Through Exabytes, it is convenient to get more business by using the services and packages provided by them. Besides, through their customer service team, it helped a lot in solving all the issues arise. Thank you so much Exabytes”

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