Chris Yap <span class="pos-title"></span>

Chris Yap

“Rating” ★★★★★

“I have to say that you had done a great job! I felt that I was wasting resources many months before but this month March was a game changer. I experience increased sales compared to the previous months. Yau should had started with us at the first place. The previous 9 months could be rated a 1-2 stars max.

I will be coming up with the next round of promotions on the 15th April to be run till 15th May. Will send you the details. of the promotion asap. Sometimes hard to think how to market.”

Ch’ng Man Yang <span class="pos-title"></span>

Ch’ng Man Yang

“Rating” ★★★★

“Exabytes provides us with a stable and fast server for our website. The service is excellent and professional. Thank you for providing us with an excellent infrastructure to work from”

Benson Chang <span class="pos-title"></span>

Benson Chang

“Rating” ★★★★★

“Exabytes customer support is superb effective! Thanks Kee Siak Chan”

Amir Feisal <span class="pos-title"></span>

Amir Feisal

“Rating” ★★★★

“I like the service provided by Exabyte especially the ‘chat with support / sale person’ which is help me a lot to solve my domain and server website. The response also very fast.”

Alisa Rahim <span class="pos-title"></span>

Alisa Rahim

“Rating” ★★★★

“Exabytes was a local hosting provider that we can say stable and also fast respond for their support team, these are 2 major important things that we seek for a best hosting. Keep it up ur good work. All da best for exabyte. Tq.”

Ahmed Fariq <span class="pos-title"></span>

Ahmed Fariq

“Rating” ★★★★

“Dear Sia Jia, Thank you for your information.Great service i got from you company.”

Aaron Eng Kiat Tan <span class="pos-title"></span>

Aaron Eng Kiat Tan

“Rating” ★★★★★

“Exabytes offers good customer service with fast response to any issues reported; highly recommended”

PC Mart Sdn Bhd <span class="pos-title"></span>

PC Mart Sdn Bhd

“Rating” ★★★★

“Fantastic Support Team. All my issues solved at the fastest response time with high technical knowledge. All my issues solved at the fastest response time with high technical knowledge.”

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