Aaron Eng Kiat Tan <span class="pos-title">wushu.com.my</span>

Aaron Eng Kiat Tan wushu.com.my

“Rating” ★★★★★

“Exabytes offers good customer service with fast response to any issues reported; highly recommended”

PC Mart Sdn Bhd <span class="pos-title">www.ecoleave.com</span>

PC Mart Sdn Bhd www.ecoleave.com

“Rating” ★★★★

“Fantastic Support Team. All my issues solved at the fastest response time with high technical knowledge. All my issues solved at the fastest response time with high technical knowledge.”

Andrew <span class="pos-title">incubator.com.my</span>

Andrew incubator.com.my

“Rating” ★★★★

“I just want to give you all a very constructive comment about Exabytes Customer Service. Last night, after midnight, I have sent up a support ticket to your customer service via the web. To my surprised, in less than 3 minutes, I got someone servicing me. I actually experienced a good customer experience.”

Zulkifli Othman <span class="pos-title">www.cp-relevance.com</span>

Zulkifli Othman www.cp-relevance.com

“Prompt Response” ★★★★★

“Regarding to your query, we have found that your prompt response to issues has made Exabytes the preferred internet service provider for cp-relevance.com. Is is great doing business with you.”

CK Chong <span class="pos-title">www.cwca.com.my</span>

CK Chong www.cwca.com.my

“Worry Free” ★★★★★

“Exabytes provides us a worry free online platform where we can do our business in a care free in the digital world. I’m totally satisfied to be one of Exabytes’s clients. Thanks Exabytes!”

Shalida Rosnan <span class="pos-title">syalidarosnan.com</span>

Shalida Rosnan syalidarosnan.com

“Rating” ★★★★★

“I’ve been using Exabytes service since 2009. Exabytes has proven affordable hosting doesn’t mean suffering bad quality hosting. Fast and reliable service has made Exabytes as my first choice of hosting provider.”

Mark Javed <span class="pos-title">redpanda.com.my</span>

Mark Javed redpanda.com.my

“Massive Improvements” ★★★★

“I have been with Exabytes Network for last nearly 7 years now and i am proud to be an Exabee. I am a living witness seeing Exabytes Massive improvements in all sectors and departments from sales to after sale support. Thank You Exabytes for such a sincere commitment with customers. thumbs up!”

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