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Fully Resilient, Secure and Highly Available Managed Cloud Services for Corporate Business If you’re seeking a cloud platform fit for mission critical applications, then look no further than VMware, the market leader in regard to virtualisation and cloud technology. Unlike traditional hosting, VMware solutions are not deployed on a single server. Instead, a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers hosts the application or website, ensuring greater flexibility and scalability. VMware Cloud Server supports High Availability (HA). When one server is in trouble, other machines are immediately ready to take over the work.

“By end of 2024, 53% of apps will be expected to be modern apps.”

A research done by VMware.

Benefits of VMware cloud

vmware reduce cost

Reduce Costing

49%—CapEx savings potential from compute optimization, host consolidation, and networking savings.

69%—OpEx savings potential from system lifecycle management, service blueprinting, and service delivery automation.

Simplifying operational complexity

With consolidated VM and Container Management in a highly automated and tailorable application development and operations platform.

vmware simplyfying
vmware security

Gain enterprise resiliency, security and operations

VMware cloud focus on untangling the complexity of multi-cloud by unifying all environments for consistent operations and security.

Achieve agility across distributed environments

Meet demand and maintain uninterrupted access to apps, data and services with a seamlessly accessible and scalable hybrid cloud infrastructure that extends on-premises security and operations to cloud, mobile and edge environments.

vmware across distributed

Less Worries. More Freedom. Better Business.

Exabytes Enterprise VMware Cloud Server has the scale, performance, and security to meet all of your organization’s needs – from improving the level of efficiency to increasing productivity and saving hardware costs. All this is backed by caring expert support so that you stay focused on the growth and success of your business with complete peace of mind.

High Availability

All virtual machines appliances are protected by VMware HA and other proactive availability features such as vMotion and Storage vMotion. VMware Cloud Servers are enterprise-grade and are built on self-healing architecture using automatic hypervisor failover to keep you online in the event of hardware failure.

VMware Cloud Plans


As low as


On Sale - Save 30% + RM100 one time setup fee

1 vCPU
1 GB Memory
50 GB SSD Disk Space
1TB Monthly Data Transfer
Daily Backup (14 days retention)


As low as


On Sale - Save 30% + RM100 one time setup fee

2 vCPU
2 GB Memory
100 GB SSD Disk Space
2TB Monthly Data Transfer
Daily Backup (14 days retention)


As low as


On Sale - Save 30% + RM100 one time setup fee

4 vCPU
4 GB Memory
200 GB SSD Disk Space
3TB Monthly Data Transfer
Daily Backup (14 days retention)


As low as


On Sale - Save 30% + RM100 one time setup fee

8 vCPU
16 GB Memory
300 GB SSD Disk Space
4TB Monthly Data Transfer
Daily Backup (14 days retention)


As low as


On Sale - Save 30% + RM100 one time setup fee

12 vCPU
24 GB Memory
400 GB SSD Disk Space
5TB Monthly Data Transfer
Daily Backup (14 days retention)


As low as


On Sale - Save 30% + RM100 one time setup fee

16 vCPU
32 GB Memory
600 GB SSD Disk Space
6TB Monthly Data Transfer
Daily Backup (14 days retention)

Need a higher spec for VMware?

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    How VMware Cloud Server Works


    How VMware Cloud Server Works


    Government bodies

    Serving citizens effectively with VMware modern application solution and digital infrastructure. Embedded Zero-trust security into the deepest infrastructure layers and extends it through applications, helps protect information and assets from evolving threats, unexpected user behavior, and emerging real-world risks



    Standardize and consolidate IT infrastructure and operations on one cloud foundation. Leverage automation across different environments to streamline operations, increase manufacturing efficiency, minimize threats and risk



    54% of surveyed financial institutions experienced destructive attacks, a 118% increase from 2020. VMware intrinsic security solutions enable financial organizations with real-time threat visibility, full capability control, drive business resiliency into banking operations.

    linked in dedicated

    Solution providers

    Modernize complex legacy systems or build new, cloud-native apps using a cutting-edge software development platform that improves application agility and quality while reducing cost and technical restrictions. Deploy or migrate to multi-cloud seamlessly without worrying about re-coding.

    Moving to the cloud is easy

    Receive 24/7 premium support at no additional cost. Our experienced expert team in Malaysia is here to assist you every step of the way – we help identify the right solution, consult and provide expedited priority support. Get started today!


    A Digital Festival Reframed, Renewed and Reimagined

    Penang took the step to go online, presenting a 3 days digital festival to be enjoyed both virtually and through specially curated physical events and live broadcasted conversations. Exabytes, as one of Southeast Asia’s leading web hosting company, joined to be a part of this event as their official web host, ensuring stability for all online activities of the event.


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