EBiz Pro Come with cPanel

Web Hosting Management Made Simple

EBiz Pro provides a holistic solution for your business. You don’t have to run and coordinate with various facilities.
Your website and all your files are hosted in the web hosting package, powered by cPanel – a popular web hosting control panel that provides rich features to manage your web space easily.
It also comes with auto installer for tons of creativity and productivity apps,
including blogs, portals, forums, wikis, surveys and many more.



cPanel in EBiz Pro gives you everything you need to do everything you want with your emails.
Create and manage email accounts. Forward a copy of any incoming email from one address to another automatically. Set autoresponder. Configure filter to avoid spam, redirect mail, or unwanted messages.


You can create, reset password, configure mailbox quota and get mail client configuration info available through the standard protocols including POP, IMAP, and SMTP, all with or without SSL encryption.


Set up email forwarding which allows you to have an address at one domain (such as sales@YourBusiness.com) and forward a copy of incoming messages to another (such as salesmanager@YourBusiness.com).


Email Authentication helps you reduce spam by equip email messages with verifiable information. This helps the receiving server verify whether an email was sent from a trusted sender, or spammers who forge messages from your domain(s).


Set automated emails to reply incoming mails if you are on vacation or unavailable.


Select messages that contain certain strings of text or other symbols, and either discard them, or send them to another e-mail box of your choice, as well as blocking unwanted messages and spam base on certain conditions.



cPanel file management tools provides a great solution for keeping your hosting account information organized. You can perform tasks like edit, delete and move your files around with cPanel’s File Manager. Through cPanel’s Web Disk, you even can easily drag and drop files into your account. cPanel makes it easy to manage FTP accounts for employees or colleagues, enabling other users to upload files with optional security restrictions.

File Manager

Create new files and folders, upload and download files, delete, rename, copy, move, change permissions, and edit files and folders though File Manager.

FTP Account

From here you can setup FTP user accounts, define levels of access, set transfer quotas, modify passwords, and provides configuration files that lets a user use third party FTP clients.


Web Disk application allows you to manage and manipulate files on your server in multiple types of interfaces, such as your PC, mobile device, or certain types of software. You can access your website’s files as if it were a local drive on your computer.

Backup Wizard

cPanel software will make a partial or full backup of your databases, email, and websites, which you can download to your computer over SCP or FTP.

Disk Usage

This feature displays your server’s current partition or hard disk drive usage on a graphical results page, quickly showing where the most disk space is being used.



cPanel makes your life easier in bringing a great user interface for the MySQL database management. You can use MySQL Database Wizard to create databases, create users and assign privileges within a few clicks.
Need to interact more to the databases? No problem. Use phpMyAdmin in cPanel – a web based tools to perform various tasks to your MySQL databases, such as creating, modifying or deleting databases, tables, fields or rows; executing SQL statements; or managing users and permissions.

MySQL Database Wizard

Setup of a MySQL database, user accounts, and user privileges with this wizard.


Through phpMyAdmin you can create, alter, drop, delete, import and export MySQL database tables.

Remote MySQL

Remote MySQL allows you to configure databases to be accessed remotely. This can be useful if you want to allow applications, such as bulletin boards, shopping carts, or guestbooks, on your other servers to access the databases.



EBiz Pro allows you to use a combination of domains. Through cPanel, you have the ability to manage sub-domains, parked domains and add on domains. You can also set redirects for your URLs to re-direct traffic from one domain to another domain, at the domain level or specific web pages.

Addon Domains

Addon domains allow you to control multiple domains from a single account. An addon domain is a fully functional domain which links to a subdirectory of your account. You can create email addresses, forwarders and more — the same way you do for your primary domain on the account.


cPanel provides you can easy way to create a second website, with its own unique content such as forums.domain.com, support.domain.com.

Domain Aliases

Domain Aliases (a.k.a parked domains) are additional domains hosted on your account which display the same website as your primary domain. It’s often used by businesses that want to have more than one web address for advertising purposes.


Redirects allow you to make a specific web page redirect to another page and display the contents of that page. This allows you to make a page with a long URL accessible through a page with a shorter, more memorable URL.



Securing your website is crucial and may not be as complicated as you thought. cPanel software offers useful security tools needed to help reduce the possibilities of attacks all the while giving the website owner secure access to your hosting site.

IP Blocker

IP Blocker prevents abuse by blocking a range of IP addresses from accessing your site. If you enter a fully qualified domain name, this feature will attempt to resolve it to an IP address.

Leech Protection

Leech Protect allows you to prevent your users from giving out or publicly posting their password to a restricted area of your site, by setting the maximum number of logins for a user within a 2-hour time limit.



Knowing your website statistics is an important aspect of your business. You need to constantly review the website performance and take necessary action to improve the result.

You can utilize cPanel’s robust website statistic tools to see how many times your websites have been visited and the facts about your visitors, including their operating systems, browsers, and countries of origin. You can even trace the error logs so you can fix the broken links or the missing files.


The Awstats interface displays traffic which compiles information about how users access your website.


This interface displays detailed information about the 1,000 most recent visits to your website. This information helps you to learn about your audience and
monitor frequent visitors so that you can adjust your website content to fit their needs.


This tool displays bandwidth usage information in several sets of graphs. Each graph contains information about bandwidth usage (web, email, file transfer etc) over a specific period of time.


This function will display the last 300 errors for your site. This can be very useful for finding broken links or problems with missing files.


One-Click Apps Installer

With few simple clicks through Softaculous in cPanel, you can install over 300 applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc without the troublesome manual installation steps.

It also keeps an eye on script upgrades and will let you know via email when a new version is released. You can perform the upgrade with just one click on the upgrade link.

One-Click Apps Installer

Install useful apps such as blogs, portals, forums, wikis, etc with just few clicks.

More Tools

More Tools

Optimize Website

Automatically compress specified types of content when visitors access that content.

More Tools

Virus Scanner

Scans for viruses and security weaknesses.

More Tools

Cron Jobs

Automate certain commands or scripts on your site.

More Tools


Customize the way your site directory will be viewed on the web.

More Tools

Track DNS

Look up an IP address or trace the route from your computer to your web server.

More Tools

Error Pages

Set up pages to inform visitors when the web server cannot access your site.

More Tools

MIME Types

Relay information to the browser about how to handle specific file extensions.

More Tools

Apache Handlers

Control how the Apache web server manages certain file types and extensions for your site.

More Tools


Resize, convert file types, or view the images on your site.

More Tools

Simple Zone Editor

Use to create and edit A and CNAME records.

More Tools

Directory Privacy

Password-protect specific directories and keep private from certain visitors.

More Tools

MX Entry

Route a domain’s incoming mail to a specific server.

More Tools

Address Importer

Use Excel spreadsheet or CSV files to create multiple email addresses or forwarders simultaneously.

More Tools

Default Address

Set up a “catch-all address” that receives any mail that is sent to an invalid email address for the domain.

More Tools


Publicly available encryption scheme that uses the “public key” approach for secure email communication.

More Tools


View specific information about your server’s PHP configuration.

More Tools

Raw Access

Text files that contain information about your website’s visitors and the content that they accessed.

More Tools

PHP Pear Packages

Collections of functions that allow you to perform tasks in PHP.

More Tools


Collections of functions that allow you to perform tasks in Ruby.

More Tools

Perl Modules

Collections of functions that allow you to perform tasks in Perl.

More Tools

Ruby On Rails

Create and deploy a Ruby on Rails application from your cPanel account.

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