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What Is SpamExperts?

Email is the most important means of communication in today’s business world. Spam however, remains the most serious threat to productivity and resource efficiency in email communication.

SpamExperts is an enterprise grade anti-spam solution that will help you get rid of the surge of spam and related threats that are constantly congesting your inboxes.

How SpamExperts Works?

The SpamExperts spam filter is a gateway solution. Once the MX-records are changed, all inbound emails first go to the SpamExperts system, get filtered, and then relayed to the unchanged destination mail servers. Spams, viruses, phishing, malware will be eliminated before it reaches your inboxes.

How Can SpamExperts Help Your Business?

Endless Opportunities Awaits

Gain Massive Productivity

Your employees don’t have to deal with daily spam messages anymore. They save plenty of time each day and have transparency and full control over their email flows. The time saved adds up to give your business massive productivity gains on a yearly basis, increasing the ROI for your business!

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Get Rid Of Spam & Viruses Accurately

The SpamExperts filter system achieves results of around 99.98%, without any fine-tuning required. No need to worry about changes and trends in spam and virus attacks as new definitions and protection are added to the system automatically.

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Never Lose Good Emails

The SpamExperts filtering system has a false-positive rate of 0.0001%, or less than one in a million. Even if for example – a “dubious newsletter” were to be blocked, you and your employees can easily locate it through the 4-tier control panel, in the online quarantine or email-reports and release it, with one click.

Secure Your Network

SpamExperts does not only protect against spam, it also offers protection against phishing emails, emails containing viruses, Trojans and other malware. It greatly lowers the risk of your employees unknowingly open harmful attachments or fall victim to phishing or harvesting attacks.

Save Resources & Time

SpamExperts is a fully managed service that comes with 24x7x365 monitoring and updates. It maintains your anti-spam system so you can spend your in-house IT resources dealing with other more important tasks. By making sure only relevant emails enter your network, you can reduce load and bandwidth of your network infrastructure.

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Increased Email Continuity

In case your mail server is down, the inbound filter will still accept messages and queue them for you. Messages will be automatically re-delivered and you can preview them web-based and continue working! In this case, the inbound anti-spam system of SpamExperts even adds another failover layer to your email infrastructure.

Full Control

The SpamExperts comes with a user-friendly control panel. You can access quarantine, manage blacklists/whitelists, search logs and fully configure the spam filter according to your organization’s needs. You remain 100% in control over your emails. Nothing ever gets lost!


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One Time Setup Fee RM50

1 Domain
Unlimited Mailboxes

Spam Cost Calculator

How can SpamExperts save your corporate hundreds or even thousands of money yearly? How worth your ROI (Return On Investment) is on SpamExperts service? Please have a look on sample scenario as below:

Case Study #1
Case Study #2
Number of employees with email
Work days per year per employee
Average hourly salary per employee
Average number of spam emails per day per employee
Seconds wasted with each spam email
Cost of SPAM for each employee yearly
Total lost salary for 100 employees yearly
SpamExperts cost for all employees yearly
RM180 + RM50 setup
RM180 + RM50 setup
Yearly salary saved from dealing with spams per employee
Total yearly salary saved from dealing with spams for 100 employees

Please note that this calculation is only an estimate. Your actual amount of money saved may vary due to specific business assumptions not defined, such as wasted disk space, bandwidth and IT staff resources used dealing with spam issues.

Screenshots Of SpamExperts Interface

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