Panda Adaptive Defense 360

Panda Adaptive Defense 360

Never stop analyzes your website’s activity

Advanced security solution to counter malware, prevention and detection with updated security rules.

Detects and blocks malware missed out by other protection systems

Panda Adaptive Defense 360 is the first and only cyber-security solution to combine the features of the most effective traditional antivirus with the latest advanced protection technology and the ability to classify all running processes.
Equipped with detection and response services, it can accurately classify every process of your server’s endpoints, allowing only legitimate programs to run.

Trusted by 100,000 customers globally

Zero Risk

Complete, robust and adaptable protection with the ability to run extended mode that only allows the running of goodware. This is the ideal form of protection for any corporate environment with a ‘zerorisk’ approach to security.

Malware Scanning

Forensic Information

You can trace how and who is trying to access your data, thanks to detailed and intelligent traceability about everything that happens on your IT infrastructure: threat timeline, information flow, the behaviour of active processes, etc.

Defense Against Vulnerabilities

Defense Against Vulnerabilities

Thanks to the latest generation of contextual and behavioral rules, it is able to consolidate an environment that is secure in the face of system and application vulnerabilities, even when the programs are not updated.

Blacklist detection

Continuous Monitoring

You can configure reports and get alerts for any malware identified on the network, coupled with a comprehensive report detailing the location, the systems infected, and the action taken.

Complete Control

100% Managed Service

Forget about having to invest resources on hiring technical personnel to manage website security. Adaptive Defense 360 classifies all applications automatically so that they are under continuous supervision of PandaLabs specialized technicians.

Contextual Intelligence

Contextual Intelligence

The analysis, categorization and correlation of all the data from a range of external and internal sources allow the laboratories to automate the behavioral models that reveal malicious activities even before they’re initiated.

Panda Adaptive Defense 360 can be enabled for your Exabytes Windows SSD VPS or Windows Dedicated Server!

Only RM20/month

Adaptive Defense 360 offers the greatest level of security, far ahead of any other antivirus on the market.

Adaptive Defense 360 monitors, registers, and classifies 100% of the running applications. Combined with EDR (Endpoint Protection & Response) features, it detects and blocks malware that other protection systems can’t even see.

Traditional Antiviruses

Traditional Antiviruses

They only recognize malware but nothing else.
As they can’t classify anything suspicious, these attacks post a huge security problem for traditional antivirus (especially targeted and zero-day attacks).

Adaptive Defense 360

It monitors absolutely all the active processes.
Adaptive Defense 360 knows with certainty if a process is good or bad. It classifies absolutely everything so that there is no suspicion.

Adaptive Defense 360

A Highly Automated Solution To Keep Your Data Secure

With Adaptive Defense 360, we monitor and classify all YOUR software to make sure we discover and stop all malware in YOUR systems. Adaptive Defense 360 provides automated remediation, real-time monitoring and reports, profile-based protection, centralised control of devices, as well as web monitoring and filtering.

Automated Prevention

1. Automated Prevention

Block non-goodware applications and exploits to prevent future attacks


2. Automated Detection

Targeted and zero-day attacks are blocked in real-time without signature files

Malware Scanning

3. Automated Forensics

Forensic information for in-depth analysis of every attempted

Automated Remediation

4. Automated Remediation

Automated malware removal to reduce burden on administrators

Combining Panda’s EPP and EDR Capability

Adaptive Defense 360 are two solutions in a single console.

Panda’s best-of-breed EPP solution (Endpoint Protection Plus) is combined with EDR capabilities of Adaptive Defense to protect against zero-day and targeted attacks that take advantage of the ‘window of opportunity for malware”.

Combining Panda’s EPP and EDR Capability

Terms and Conditions

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