SSL Certificate

Secure your customer’s online transactions and personal data.

  • Secure E-commerce Transactions
  • Protect Your Visitors’ Information

GOOGLE CHROME: Your website will be Marked ‘NOT SECURE’ without SSL!!

What Is SSL?

Encryption, Validation, Trust

An SSL Certificate is a special file on your web server that enables encrypted security for online communications. SSL creates an encrypted connection between your web server and your visitors’ web browser allowing for private information (example: credit card details) to be transmitted without the problems of eavesdropping, data tampering, or message forgery.

What Is SSL Certificate Wildcard?

To enable SSL certificate for a website, one will need to get an SSL Certificate that identifies him/her/the business and install it on the server. If you’ve ever bought anything online, you would’ve probably used SSL without realizing it. The use of a SSL Certificate on a website is usually indicated by a padlock icon on web browsers but it can also be indicated by a green address bar.

Why You Need SSL Certificate ?

Why You Need SSL Certificate?

  • To Prevent Your Customers’ Sensitive Data Such As Credit Card Numbers And Passwords From Being Intercepted By A Third Party.
  • To Help Visitors To Identify Your Website As Legitimate And Increase Visitor Trust.
  • Make Potential Customers Feel Safe And Confident To Perform Online Transactions Or Do Business With You.

How Does SSL Work?

This Presumes That SSL Has Already Been Issued By SSL Issuing Authority.
How Does Wildcard SSL Certificates Works?

What Type of SSL Certificate is Suitable for Your Website?

  • Secure 1 Domain (Personal)

  • RM12.46/mo

  • Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificates are quick and easy to get because all you need to do is prove the ownership of the domain that you wish to secure.Domain (DV) Validation
  • GREEN BAR - no
  • Provide basic encrpytion for personal websites
  • Use when visitors trust and credibility are less concerned
  • Comodo Essential SSL (DV)


  • Secure 1 Domain (Business)

  • RM70.79/mo

  • Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates are the ultimate solution to provide the highest levels of encryption, security, and trust to your customers.Extended (EV) Validation
  • GREEN BAR - yes
  • Suitable for business websites dealing with sensitive transactional data
  • Make potential customers feel safe to do business on your websites
  • Comodo SSL with (EV)


  • GeoTrust True BusinessID with (EV)


  • Secure 1 Domain & All Subdomains (Business)

  • RM42.88/mo

  • Organization Validated (OV) SSL certificates provide validation and higher assurance to web visitors that the website belongs to a legitimate business.Organization (OV) Validation
  • GREEN BAR - no
  • Ideally for organization websites with many subdomains
  • Efficient solution to secure several subdomains with one SSL
  • Comodo Essential Wildcard SSL (DV)


  • Comodo Premium Wildcard SSL (OV)


  • GeoTrust True Business ID Wildcard SSL (OV)


Compare types of SSL Certificates

  • Features

  • Address Bar PadlockAddress Bar Padlock
  • Trust SealTrust Seal
  • Prove Domain OwnershipProve Domain Ownership
  • Show Organization Identity InfoShow Organization Identity Info
  • Green Address BarGreen Address Bar
  • Visitors Trust & CredibilityVisitors Trust & Credibility
  • Recommended ForRecommended For
  • Best Used ForBest Used For
  • Domain Validation (DV)

  • Address Bar Padlockyes
  • Trust Sealyes
  • Prove Domain Ownershipyes
  • Show Organization Identity Infono
  • Green Address Barno
  • Visitors Trust & Credibility
  • Recommended ForPersonal sites,blogs & small forums
  • Best Used ForBasic encryptions for non-transactional data such as logins, forms
  • Organization Validation (OV)

  • Address Bar Padlockyes
  • Trust Sealyes
  • Prove Domain Ownershipyes
  • Show Organization Identity Infoyes
  • Green Address Barno
  • Visitors Trust & Credibility
  • Recommended ForOnline business dealing with transactional data
  • Best Used ForMake your customers assured about the safety of their sensitive info such as credit card or bank account details
  • Extended Validation (EV)

  • Address Bar Padlockyes
  • Trust Sealyes
  • Prove Domain Ownershipyes
  • Show Organization Identity Infoyes
  • Green Address Baryes
  • Visitors Trust & Credibility
  • Recommended ForE-commerce sites and enterprise websites handling sensitive data
  • Best Used ForLong term investment to build your credibility as the most trusted business with Green Address Bar, the highest visible display of trust

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SSL?

The SSL (secure socket layer) protocol is the web standard for encrypting communications between users and web sites. Data sent via an SSL connection is protected by encryption, a mechanism that prevents eavesdropping and tampering with any transmitted data. SSL provides businesses and consumers with the confidence that private data sent to a web site, such as credit card numbers, are kept confidential.

When do I need SSL?

If you are running e-commerce transaction or you have a web site that request for customers private & confidential information, it is strongly recommended that you installed SSL to your site. In other words, to be a responsible web site owner, you shall have a SSL certificate in order to protect your customers info to be tapped or stolen via Internet.

What is the requirement to purchase a SSL?

You need to have a domain name and a dedicated IP for your website in order to setup the SSL to your web site.

How soon can I get my SSL?

For QuickSSL, you may receive the SSL within 24 hours after your domain name is validated and authenticated by GeoTrust. For a fully authenticated certificate such as Power Server ID or True BusinessID certificate and it can take 3 to 5 days to be issued.

Can I try an SSL Certificate before purchasing?

No. There is no trial SSL certificate available.

How do I renew my certificate?

If your SSL certificate is purchased from Exabytes
If an SSL certificate is purchased from Exabytes, customers are required to pay a One-Time Setup Fee (RM 100.70) to Exabytes. Dedicated IP is given FREE of charge.

If your SSL certificate is purchased from other SSL provider
If an SSL certificate is purchased from other providers, customers are required to pay a Setup Fee (RM 100.70/installation) to Exabytes. Dedicated IP is given FREE of charge.

Who can get an EV SSL certificate?

Corporations, LLCs, sole proprietorships, partnerships, governments, and schools. Basically any entity that is legally registered with your local or state government.

Can I apply for an EV certificate as an individual?

No, individuals, that are not registered as a sole proprietorship, cannot apply for EV.

How quick can I get it?

True BusinessID EV takes about 10 days to complete.

Terms and Conditions

  1. All prices are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia.
  2. Strictly NO REFUND is allowed for SSL Certificate purchases.
  3. For enquiries, please contact us.
  4. You do agree to our terms of service available here.
  5. Exabytes reserves the right to amend any Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

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