Low Jin Yuan

Venis low
I am a UUM student and I am also an intern at Exabytes.
colocation vs dedicated server hosting

Colocation vs Dedicated Server Hosting

Every organization has its unique requirements and reasons for using a private or enterprise cloud. Generally, enterprise private cloud solutions are implemented due to low overheads...
public cloud vs private cloud differences

Public Cloud vs Private Cloud

Though there are several differences between public adnd private clouds, the main focus is usually on performance, scalability and cost-effectiveness vs security and resource...
cyber security trend

Cyber Security Trend: Cases and Attacks

In 2019, there was a significant increase in the number of different types of cyber-attacks. Most organizations, tech firms and enterprise and private cloud services...
top 9 cloud service providers in 2021

Top 9 Cloud Services Providers in 2021

List of Cloud Service Providers in 2021 Cloud computing is taking over; there are now cloud solutions to many technical issues and business processes. Many...
what kind of websites can i build for my business

What Kind of Website Can I Build For My Business?

Websites were purely informational in the early days. Things have changed now. People use websites to run businesses. How to start an online business? What's a suitable website for you?