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why is TLS important to security protection

Why is TLS important to your security protection?

What is the primary difference between TLS and SSL? TLS is used in a wider range of data privacy protection such as email and voice over IP (VOIP).
5 indication you need to upgrade to vps

5 Indications You Need An Upgrade to VPS

Why do we need to upgrade our web hosting to virtual private server (VPS)? The answer is simple, if your website is running slow, website traffic increases, or you need custom applications for your website.
what can you do with a vps

What can you do with VPS?

Here are a few ideas for your VPS. Media streaming, Mail server, Virtual Private Network, Software testing, Collaborative file edit, Video teleconference.
cloud vs dedicated server which one suits you

Cloud vs Dedicated Server – Which Suits You Best?

In the current market there are two major types of servers available: cloud and dedicated servers. Which one to choose? Let’s look at each of the features, advantages, disadvantages and some application of it.
all you need to know about dedicated server

All You Need To Know About Dedicated Server

We will discuss what are the basics of dedicated servers, how a server works, what are the different types of servers, and what are the benefits of using it.
6 free network monitor and security tools for server

6 Free Network Monitor & Security Tools For Server

There are a lot of paid network monitor & security applications out there that can secure your server. If you want to save some cost, consider these free tools.
BaaS vs DRaaS what are the differences

BaaS vs DRaaS: What are the differences?

Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) are the most common cloud service models used by organizations looking for managed off-site IT recovery solutions.
cloud versus on premise backup solution

Cloud vs. On-Premise Backup Solutions: Which is Better?

Cloud vs. On-Premise Backup Solutions: Which is Better?
data backup and restore solution

Data Backup and Restore Solution for Medium to Enterprise Business

Different Types of Data Backup and Restore Solution for Medium to Enterprise Business.
Private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud

Private Cloud vs Public Cloud vs Hybrid Cloud

Private Cloud vs Public Cloud vs Hybrid Cloud. Here are the differences.