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Online Marketing and eCommerce Skills Needed by SMEs

Businesses that lack resources in digital marketing cannot reach out to their customer base. In this post, we will share the skills needed for SMEs to excel in online marketing and eCommerce.

Bulk SMS: Create a Great Experience for Your eCommerce Customers!

SMS can help ensure your customers have a positive experience from purchase to delivery. Read how SMS can give your eCommerce customers a great experience!

Why it is Important to Update Website Regularly

Updating a website not just improve security and prevent hacking, but it can also boost your internet marketing effort and increase traffic to your site. Here are the reasons why you should update website regularly.

5 Geran Pendigitalan PKS Yang Boleh Anda Mohon

Dalam artikel ini, kami telah meringkaskan dan menyusun senarai geran yang tersedia untuk anda pertimbangkan dan bagimana untuk memohon bagi perniagaan anda.

What is The Best eCommerce Platform? Let’s Analyse All The Available...

Nowadays, choosing the best online store builder is not enough if you don't consider the best eCommerce platform that will work as an ecosystem of tools that seamlessly integrate, giving full control over every aspect of your business and the ability to scale as they grow. Let's take a look at the best eCommerce platforms and analyse all the available options for your business.

The Best Online Shopping Sites in Malaysia

According to studies, people are increasingly turning to technology to buy groceries and many other things, which in turn, resulted in a stiff competition among the online shopping platforms. With so many online shopping platforms, shoppers can get confused to figure out which site provides them with the best quality and prices. In this post, we are pleased to present to you some of the best online shopping sites in Malaysia.

10 Best Online Ordering Systems for Small Restaurants in Malaysia

With the rise of demand in online ordering, it is now becoming essential for and F&B business to have their own online ordering platform. Here are the 10 Best Online ordering systems that you can consider.
Kisah Kejayaan - 2MakeYours

Kisah Kejayaan : Paint by Numbers Kit oleh 2MakeYours

2MakeYours merupakan usaha perniagaan Cik Ainul Hayati dengan memulakan perniagaan 2MakeYours pada tahun 2019 dengan menyediakan servis Chocolate Box sehingga tahun 2021, 2MakeYours melancarkan produk Paint By Numbers Kit. Minat kepada mewarna dan melukis menjadikan Cik Ainul ingin berkongsi minat beliau dengan orang lain. Berikut merupakan kisah beliau memulakan perniagaan kecil secara online pada usia 21 tahun.
blog bahasa melayu - kepentingan seo untuk website

Kepentingan SEO untuk Website

SEO merupakan sebuah praktik untuk meningkatkan kualiti dan kuantiti trafik ke website anda secara percuma. SEO adalah percuma dan memerlukan masa yang panjang untuk menunjukkan hasil.Berikut merupakan kepentingan SEO untuk website anda.
blog bahasa melayu - 4 sebab anda perlukan website untuk bisnes

Penting ke Website untuk Bisnes?

Zaman sekarang prospek lebih suka untuk mencari maklumat di Internet, tanpa website bisnes anda tidak akan wujud! Berikut merupakan 4 sebab utama anda memerlukan website untuk upgrade bisnes anda.