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WCIT 2022 Malaysia Exabytes

World Congress on Innovation & Technology (WCIT) 2022 (Part I)

Technology is undoubtedly the core key to the continued advancement of society and the world. Such essence was greatly captured and translated into one...
Cybersecurity Malaysia

Why Malaysia Needs Increase Cybersecurity Awareness in 2022

Cybersecurity is a critical challenge facing global businesses. Relentless focus on the global IT security solutions in enhancing the security features, improving the monitoring...
Service desk vs. Helpdesk vs. ITSM

Service Desk vs Helpdesk vs ITSM Explained

Keeping track of all the pertinent procedures, frameworks, instruments, and acronyms may be challenging without applications like FreshDesk. Three crucial terminologies connected to IT assistance...
Microsoft 365 periodic table

Microsoft 365 Periodic Table (2022 Updated) – Learn in Minutes

Microsoft Windows is the one operating system billions of people prefer in their personal computers and information systems networks. Though UNIX and LINUX range of...

How to Optimize VPS Performance on Linux & Windows

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a more efficient and contemporary range solution that can support economies of scale in managing IT infrastructure.  The demand for...
cloud server or home server

Home Server or Cloud Server: Which is Better in 2022?

Digital enablement of businesses in Malaysia has led to a paradigm shift in their development. Post pandemic, there are many businesses in Malaysia considering...
Gogle Calendar

Google Calendar: 12 Hidden Tricks to Improve Your Workflow

Be it personal life or professional meetings, following a schedule and routine helps in work-life balance. Globally, millions of users have the practice of using...
digital vs. electronic signature

Digital vs Electronic Signature: Legality in Malaysia 2022

Signatures online are a common phenomenon in the digital enablement transformation of businesses globally and Malaysia. A digital signature and an electronic signature are...
Application servers vs. web servers

Comparison between Application Server vs Web Server

A server is a network-connected central repository where data and software are stored for access by programmers. Web servers and application servers are two different...
Microsoft Azure vs. AWS vs. Google Cloud

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud: Which Server is Better in...

Azure vs. AWS vs. Google Cloud   Cloud computing is an ecosystem of distinct computing services operated as a remote environment system of servers, storage structures,...