Retail Hero Chapter 12: Brilliant Watch


In the world of watches, where precision, craftsmanship, and trust are of utmost importance, Brilliant Watch shines as a symbol of excellence. Founded and led by entrepreneur Mr. Ronnie Ng, Brilliant Watch is a well-respected Malaysian watch retail company with a strong commitment to quality. With over 23 years of dedicated pursuit of watch perfection, Brilliant Watch has established itself with twelve branches across strategic locations, along with a service center.

The Name “Brilliant Watch

Behind the name of the brand lies a story of creativity and a deep commitment to providing a unique experience. Mr. Ronnie Ng’s wife cleverly combined the name “Brilliant” with the concept of “beautiful time” to create the brand name “Brilliant Watch.” This name not only reflects the core philosophy of the company but also symbolizes their unwavering dedication to creating special moments for their customers.

Facing Challenges Head-On | Providing Ongoing Customer Service During the Pandemic

Brilliant Watch persevered in engaging with customers and maintaining their strong interest in products and services during the pandemic. They also introduced live streaming sessions, offering online shopping opportunities while strengthening customer relationships. Mr. Ronnie emphasizes that this interaction is not just a sales strategy but also an opportunity and bridge to establish trust. Customers have full confidence in the product quality and reliability of Brilliant Watch because they know that Brilliant Watch exclusively uses genuine products. This trust is also a result of Mr. Ronnie’s longstanding partnerships with brands and unwavering commitment to product quality and repair services. This instils a higher level of confidence in customers regarding Brilliant watch.

Employee Training | Customer-Centric Excellence

What sets Brilliant Watch apart is its unwavering commitment to exceptional service. Whether it involves resizing watchbands, replacing batteries, or undertaking intricate watch repairs, their staff undergo rigorous professional training. This ensures that every customer not only enjoys the finest watches but also the best shopping experience. The expertise and approachable demeanor of their staff guide customers in making informed choices and discovering timeless timepieces.

Envisioning the Future

Looking ahead, Brilliant Watch plans to introduce a membership card program designed to reward their loyal customers. Members will earn points that can be redeemed when purchasing watches, availing services, or getting their watches expertly serviced. This initiative underscores Brilliant Watch’s commitment to enhancing convenience and offering exclusive benefits to their valued customers.

The success story of Brilliant Watch is built upon an unwavering commitment to quality, a relentless dedication to customer satisfaction, and the pursuit of professional excellence. With the support of trusted high-end brands, Brilliant Watch continues to offer customers the finest watch shopping experience. Over the years, they have evolved into an industry benchmark, consistently delivering excellence in both service and products. They firmly believe, cultivating trust is the key to the path of success.


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