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Exabytes aims to help Malaysian Local Retailers to document their brand story and retail journey through a series of documentaries, podcasts and articles. Meanwhile, Exabytes look towards raising the retailer's awareness of Digital Transformation.

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Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, Malaysia’s economy has been severely affected, retail industry who is at the forefront of the production chain is the most affected industry. Retailers have gone through a plethora of changes, but still survive through, the spirit of persistent worth to be praised.


To show appreciation to all the local retailers, we proudly present the “Retail Heroes”, a meaningful campaign to feature the local retailer’s story of surviving through the hardships.

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零售英雄第十三期由: Kasut U, 执行董事,Raymond 颜林茂为我们呈现。

想了解更多关于Kasut U以及他们的品牌故事,请点击以下链接阅读更多详情与文字报道:
– 中文版:https://www.exabytes.my/blog/kasut-u-retail-hero-cn/
– 英文版:https://www.exabytes.my/blog/kasut-u-retail-hero-en/

探索每家企业在疫情下的奋斗故事,从这里开始。#Exabytes #数码转型势在必行


Katsu U官方网站:https://www.kasutu.my/

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