ISLEE Fashion: 80% Increase in Sales with Exabytes Digital Marketing Solution


Sometimes a small decision can lead to a huge positive impact. ISLEE Fashion learned this first hand.

80% Increase in Sales with Digital Marketing Solution

ISLEE is a clothing brand that we believe is a familiar brand amongst Penangites. An early adopter of inbound marketing, this retail shop is able to confidently rely on a steady flow of traffic and leads generated by their eCommerce website.

However, one additional source of traffic and leads in which they wanted to capitalize on was online advertising via Facebook.

It is through this that they identified and attracted highly targeted searchers looking for the types of products they offer.

Success Stories - 80% Increased in Sales with Exabytes Digital Marketing Solution - Islee website

Please share a little of your brand story – ISLEE Fashion.

ISLEE Fashion Sdn Bhd is an independent Malaysian chain with headquarters in Penang, started by two sisters. We stock a range of cool, urban clothing for young women, with new collections coming in regularly. We are a well-known bespoke tailor where we custom-designed garments for each customer.

With over 30 years of experience in the fashion and retail industry, we have gathered the expertise to complement and grow the business. ISLEE is a Perfect Fit driven fashion boutique.

The Perfect Fit idea was conceptualized due to our undying passion for transforming women in the way they dress as well as the excitement of providing customers with a personal touch by fulfilling customers’ demand through custom fitting and advice.

In addition to the fabulous apparel line, we at ISLEE also feature other accessories, such as handbags, waistband and intimate wear for women, so they can get everything under one roof.

ISLEE is the illustration of a modern boutique that could perfectly maximize the comfortability of customers. We currently have 7 exclusive concept stores in Malaysia bearing the brand ISLEE.

What was your purchase with Exabytes and how was the result?

Initially, we signed up for Facebook ads plan with Exabytes in April 2020. After the digital consultant from Exabytes arranged for a meeting with my team and I, he saw a lot of opportunities for improved results.

The digital team significantly restructured Facebook campaigns and redistributed marketing.

We can see that Exabytes’ digital team continued its optimisation process to make sure that the campaigns were on the right track. In the first month, we saw a small incremental improvement, and we understand that success wouldn’t exactly happen overnight.

However, those small incremental gains began to add up. Over a three-month period, the cumulative results were excellent

  • Ad response rates increased by 40%, attracting better, more targeted traffic.
  • eCommerce website conversion was boosted by an impressive 80%.

How did you hear about Exabytes?

I have to admit that previously I didn’t know Exabytes offers digital marketing solutions until I saw your Facebook advertisement while browsing and searching for a suitable digital agency to help bring up our online business during the MCO 1.0.

Initially, my team and I wanted to engage with a company that has great experience. After we went through several meetings with Keith and his digital team, my team and I were confident with their proposal so we decided to give Exabytes a shot. Because why not?

In the first three-month, we were happy with the results and the service provided by Keith and his team, we then appointed them as our Digital marketing agency for our next 3 Facebook ads campaigns.

Until today 2021, we are still using Exabytes’ digital services.

Overall, my team and I are super happy with our digitalisation journey with Exabytes. We will definitely recommend Exabytes to our friends and anyone looking for digital solutions.


We would like to thank SISLEE Fashion for trusting Exabytes’ digital marketing solution and we are honoured to have had the opportunity to work with you.

We are happy to hear that digitalisation has brought ISLEE’s online sales to greater heights.

If you are interested in how our digital team can offer you the best-suited and customised digital marketing solution, click here for more about Facebook Ads and our digital consultant will be in touch.