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Pinkboxcereal is going to share their eCommerce success story at Exabytes eCommerce Conference which is going to held on 5 July 2018 at MaGIC Cyberjaya.

And here you go, we did a little interview with Iylia, Co-founder and Managing Director of Pinkboxcereal to give you some hits up of EEC 2018.

#1 Describe what your eCommerce business is all about. Why did you choose this as your focus, and who benefits from the services you provide? is a beauty platform that supports homegrown beauty brands. We chose this because we found the gap/hardship for local brands to shine & reach end consumers. It is such a shame because a lot of local products are so much better than the mainstream ones (especially when it comes to formulation & ethical manufacturing). Now, our end consumer get to enjoy better products & we get to help local products to compete in the market!

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#2 What are the most important things you have done to grow your business? How do you see these elements evolving in the future?

When people ask me what is the ‘secret sauce’ to success, it is really a combination of everything. We take great pleasure in giving values, great customer service & most importantly, listening to our customers. It sounds like a novelty, but we believe that’s what brought us here today.

Pinkboxcereal team

#3 Knowing that pinkboxcereal has huge following on social media: around 75,000 Facebook followers, 31,000 Instagram followers, and 21,000 YouTube subscribers. May I know what are your secrets to get such a huge following? What are the important things that you need to do to get people to follow you?

Value, value, value! Pinkboxcereal started with just a YouTube channel a few years ago. With no intention of monetising, Shafiqah Shafie (ambassador & co founder) would not stop giving values to her followers. Even until now, we will try to find more ways to deliver more values to customers & non-customers. Sales is important, but without trust, we will probably be gone by next year. We prefer to ‘nourish’ our followers before turning them into customers. To some, it might seem like a waste of time, but that’s the belief we have held on to until now.

#4 If this is your first time to do sharing in EEC, what do you hope to gain from this experience?

Thank you to Exabytes for inviting Pinkboxcereal to be part of 2018 EEC. I hope to learn a lot from all the great people at the conference & hope that our sharing will benefit at least one person after the event.

#4 Tell us – what do you anticipate most in the upcoming EEC??

Other than my own presentation (*evil laugh 😂), I really can’t wait to hear from all the other speakers. I believe we can learn so much from everyone from different fields who face different challenges. Can’t wait for EEC!

So make sure you get your ticket to #EEC2018 to meet Iylia, Co-founder & Managing Director of Pinkboxcereal and listen to his sharing on how to give values to their followers and turn them into customers slowly.

Oh ya, remember to copy and paste “EEC20OFF” for your ticket purchases!

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