Introducing Up-to-the-minute Features!


For those who’ve registered a FREE or PAID e-commerce hosting account with, you are now eligible for these wonderful benefits. As promised, will update and improve from time to time and every updates are made free for everyone. Well, without holding you any longer… Let me announce you these 10 newfangled features:

1. Google Analytics Integration – With the new Google Analytics integration, you are able to measure and track your visitor’s statistic and behavior. You may also set goals in Google Analytics to make sure you achieve your desired goals.


2. Facebook Add To Cart Feature – Talking about Facebook, we are bringing you back the Add To Cart button in Facebook! Now you can tap into the power of Facebook and sell your products instantly and directly in Facebook. Your customers do not even have to leave your Facebook fan page.


3. Coupon Code – Thinking of having some promotion, events, vouchers giveaway? No problem, with our new flexible coupon code customization, you are allow to generate various of coupon codes specially designed for your promotions.


4. Product Search Box – with this new gadget, your customer can perform a search for any products in your entire store. It save a lot of time as we understand that time is golden for you as well as your customers.

5. Login and Signup Button – another gadget that helps your customer to do a fast registration or login without any trouble locating the links.

6. Payment Method Accepted Box – This little gadget publish some information to let your customer knows what type of payment method that is accepted in your store. A very informative gadget when it comes into payment.

7. New Payment Gateways – More gateways helps you to increase your conversion rate. With these 2 new Payment Gateways (Paylink & 2CO), you’re now expanding your e-commerce store to another group of new customers.

8. Minimum Order Acceptance – You can now set a minimum order of amount before customer can pay you with selected payment gateways. Making sure you don’t loss after being charge for the transaction fees.

9. Products Inventory – View all your products at one glance! With this new Products Inventory feature you are able to view all your products highlights, stock status, price and etc in one window. Easier and saves a lot of your precious time browsing through your products.

10. Shopper Account Access – Ever thinking of accessing to shoppers account to manage information, orders, payment or even print receipts and invoices on behalf of your customer? You can do it now with our new Shopper Account Access.


Well, these are the ten newfangled features from this time around. Do feel free to leave us a comment below on what do you think about these updates and if you do have any good suggestions, kindly leave us a comment below too.

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