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It’s importance to have a domain-based email address for your business

Professional email not just playing small branding to your business, but it functions with 5 importance expect. Showing professional appearance to your customers, indirectly says a lot about you and your business.

By starting professional email, own a domain name is the first step. What is a domain name? A domain name is an Internet address such as: There are variety of domain name extension. Domains name normally won’t cost much, it only cost RM40 – RM60 per year and depend on extension. By taking this small leap you can build brand awareness and present a more professional business image.

If you are yet to choose your company name, you may refer to ideas below;

1. It’s really more professional.

People or companies with domain-based email address look more reliable to their audience/customers. Let emphasize with a example [email protected] or [email protected]?

When receiving an email from [email protected] people recognize the name of your company and will remember it. For them to remember your business, there is a trick for it. Continue to read…


2. Easy to remember domain name.

Choosing an appropriate domain is essential as choosing the right username. An right domain name will help your company grow effectively. Here is the tricks you must use when you try to register your domain name.

For example: Your business name is john bakery, your domain would be or Try to find meaningful word that describe your business or you may consider other domain extension. Such as .my/ and etc.

Example; would have been taken I would tried or (If my store is stated in Malaysia, and there is benefit with .my domain for targeting Malaysia audience/customers.) All the domain I choose will keep my company’s name describe what I do.

Never chosen somethings like or You need to clearly state your company’s name through and email when your audience view it and they know is come from you. While will look spammy instate of a regulated company, may be too long and hard to remember.  


3. Easy to remember username

By using a free email account such as: Gmail (, Yahoo (, AOL (, etc. you are sharing domains with millions of users being hosted on their services, which indirectly promote Google, Yahoo, AOL business. It so hard to create a unique email address for you and your business.

How many times you try [email protected] are not available in Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and etc? It come to suggests possible usernames similar to the one you tried. The suggestion come outlook a little bit like this:

  • john_91
  • johnlim_03
  • johnny122


4. Scalability Available.

You may be using different general email for different department/categories. If you are using FREE email services may look like, [email protected], [email protected] or come to worst, it would look like [email protected].

COMPARE to your own professional domain base email will look like below; [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]

It carry more professional email address and eventually make audience /customers remember your brand/ business.  


When your business keep growing, your professional email address are ready to serve you.


5. You may be the existing FREE email users.

If you’ve had your Gmail/AOL/Hotmail/Yahoo email address for over 10 years, you probably thinking that you’ll never switch because you will lose many important contacts or possible sales due to changing to new domain base email address.

There is a feature called email forwarding that allow you to auto-forward your old email address and redirect them to your new email address. Once your forward features setup, you will not have to keep visiting both account; and let the transition begin. Your audience/customers will start to received your professional domain-based email and your mailbox is all ready for you to serve your audience/customers better.

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