Improve Web Performance for Better Conversion


Improve Web Performance for Better Conversion

How to Digitize Your Business and Improve Web Performance

Most businesses that depend on their physical store (offline businesses) barely survive in today’s digital age amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The only way to safeguard and sustain the business is to go digital. This is the reason why more and more offline businesses are taking their business online. 

As we know it, the quality of products and services is very important for any business to satisfy customer needs and wants. Moreover, in the process of digital transformation, having a good digital marketing plan also plays a vital role in building brand awareness and acquiring more customers. 

However, even with good quality products, excellent services and a flawless digital marketing plan, the success of your online business still depends on IMPLEMENTATION.

And that’s why choosing the right online solution is so important, especially when it comes to driving visitors, traffic and good leads to your website. 

Speaker (Dato’ Vince Kek, Founder & CEO of One Ping Group) of the event.
Speaker (Zahid Aramai, Web Developer, KLCube Network & of the event.

In this webinar, Dato’ Vince Kek, Founder & CEO of One Ping Group shared several valuable tips on choosing the right online solution to reach the right target audience. Zahid Aramai, Web Developer, KLCube Network & also provided an insight on how to improve web performance and increase the conversion rate

Indeed, optimize and improve web performance is a great way to increase the chances of converting potential customers to loyal customers. 

For more details, feel free to check out the key takeaways of the webinar!

Session 1: Transform Your Business with the Right Online Solution

1.Social Media / Facebook

Make sure you know the demographic of your target audience, such as the age and gender. Understand well the people you want to target and choose the right social media platform (for example, the platform that is frequented by your target audience). 

2. The Difference between FB profile and FB page

FB profile 
  • Limited to 5000 friends only.
  • More personalized for users to connect with friends and family. 
  • Can place products or services on the market list but unable to make payment. 
FB page 
  • No limitation on the number of followers. 
  • For business, organizations, public figures, etc. 
  • Various templates are provided for your FB page. 

3. FB page is more suitable for B2C

FB page is more suited to Business-to-consumer services than other online solutions. As Facebook is more personalized, audiences on Facebook are more likely to search for the products and services they want via FB page.

Facebook also enables B2C services to promote and sell their products more effectively via live streaming. 

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4. Websites

There are numerous similar products and services on the market. Thus people tend to make comparisons among similar products and services before they make a buying decision.

Having a website for your online business will increase your brand credibility and professionalism. As a result, customers are more likely to purchase from you instead of your competitors. 

5. Websites are more suitable for B2B

Business-to-business is mostly conducted between companies. Therefore, it is best for Business-to-business services to use websites in promoting their products and services.

As potential customers will look for more information before purchase by searching on Google, company websites that appear on Google (especially on the first page) will help in building customer trust towards your company.

6. Landing Pages

The landing page is a single web page that usually consists of three things, namely the brand, product or services and contact. Landing pages are suitable for businesses that only sell one product or service, or those that do not have much information to share.

Examples are new business startups or personal pages. If you want to have a landing page, it is crucial for you to keep the landing page with the length that ensures visitors can finish browsing the page with two to three scrolls. 

7. E-Commerce Stores

E-commerce is considered as part of the website. The main function includes selling, receiving orders and receiving payments. This allows customers to purchase directly from the E-commerce store

Functions that are available on E-Commerce stores: 

(a) Store Inventory 

Allows website owners to insert stock quantities and let customers know the availability of a particular product. 

(b) Payment Gateway Integration 

Offering different payment methods for customers to choose their favourite way of making payment. 

(c) Customer Data / Membership 

Website owners can make it compulsory for visitors to login or register before they can make a purchase from the E-Commerce website. 

(d) Order Reports

Allows website owners to keep track and record every order made by customers. 

8. Tips for E-Commerce 

Startups and micro companies are not recommended to have e-commerce websites. Certain customers might be less confident to key in their personal information or pay with a credit card on a new E-Commerce store due to security concerns.

Session 2: Improve Website Speed to Increase Conversion Rates

9. Slow website, low conversion rate

A website that isn’t well optimized for a fast loading time will cause you to lose business and never acquire loyal customers. Thus, improve web performance is an essential strategy for those who successfully boost their online presence.

A slow website increases your potential customers’ chance to leave your website and seek other websites that sell similar products and services—eventually decreasing the conversion rate and leads to little or no earnings.

10. Types of conversion

(a) Goal conversion rates

The goal conversion rate is the average of customers who sign up or register on your website. Goal conversion rate is easy to achieve because it requires fewer customer actions to fill out their details. 

(b) Sales conversion rates

Sales conversion rate is the average of successful purchases made by customers via your websites. It requires more action to achieve a high sales conversion rate because it includes transaction processes that the customer must enter as they interact with the site.

11. Good server

One of the most effective ways to increase your page speed is hosting your site on a good server. Even though your website has not been optimized for speed technically, a good server can help your website load faster.

Therefore, find yourself a good, reasonable and affordable server hosting plan!

12. The Impact of Website Speed on SEO 

Website speed is one of the signals to rank your website on the Google search engine. Users are always the priority for Google; that’s why it emphasizes user experience.

If your website is loading at a slow speed, it will lead to a bad user experience. Thus the ranking of your website will eventually drop.

13. Apply other tips to improve the conversion rate 

Website speed is essential but is not the only factor that impacts the conversion rate. Other factors need to be considered to achieve a better conversion rate, such as web design, data monitoring, website content, etc. 

There are many options you can choose to host your business online. Thus it isn’t easy to choose the most suitable solution.

First, it is crucial to identify the type of business you are running to reduce the possibility of choosing the wrong online solution.

Simultaneously, identify the target audience and select the online solution that can easily reach the target audience

After choosing the right online solution, it is time to check your website speed. Ensure it is loading at an acceptable speed, which encourages potential customers to stay at your site and take the steps necessary to increase conversion.

There are ways and tips to optimize your website speed. All you need to do is apply them to improve web performance and achieve a better business conversion rate.   

Wish to learn more from this webinar? Watch the webinar’s full video and gain more knowledge and information to grow your online business effectively!

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