Success Stories: ToyPanic Achieved Over 80% Growth in Revenue After Digitalising

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Every success story received is a pat on our shoulders for the team at Exabytes. Success stories keep us going, and motivates us to go further in helping our customers grow.

We spoke to the fun and exciting ToyPanic, a Penang-based online store specialising in hobbies, toys, figures, collectibles & games.

ToyPanic is one of the most sought-after specialised toy stores in Malaysia, and with the demand they’ve been receiving, they decided to grow their business further, bring it online, and make it available for a wider audience to get hold of what they’re looking for.

They got into contact with Exabytes for some advice and the possibilities of growing their business online. 

Tell us a little bit about your ToyPanic

ToyPanic is based in George Town, Penang, Malaysia. We have been in the figures, toys and collectibles market since 2010. 

In 2018, we started to console gaming as one of our products. We can be found in one of the top spots in Google search – when a search on “toy store Malaysia” is performed, and our website has attracted a huge traffic of 200K visitors averagely per month. 

What was your purchase with Exabytes? 

When we decided to upgrade our business and take it online, we were looking for a company who can help and advise us on our next step, or how we can go about with doing this. 

We came across Exabytes while doing our research online, and got in contact with them straight away.

After having received their valuable advice and detailed explanation, we decided to get onboard with Exabytes, trusting in them to help us with setting up our dedicated server, and registering for our domains.

How has Exabytes’ products and services helped your business?

After having made the decision to upgrade our business with Exabytes’ recommendations, we have received a tremendous increase in our monthly sales, seeing over 80% of growth is our revenue and productivity.

On top of this, we must emphasise that we have received one of the best technical support from the team at Exabytes when we encountered some issues on our dedicated server.

Their technical team has been very professional in handling and settling one of the major issues we had faced this year, which is the bot attack on our website

We are grateful that we have embarked on this journey, working together with Exabytes to grow our business online, and bring it to a different level.

We are very pleased with the outcome we’ve achieved thus far, and will definitely continue working with Exabytes to grow our business further.

How did you hear about Exabytes and are you likely to recommend Exabytes and its services to your family and friends?

When we wanted to improve and grow our business, we did some research and found Exabytes on Google search. After doing our research, the products and services offered by Exabytes attracted our attention, hence leading to our engagement with them, and our amazing results today.

One of the initial reasons that we’d first engaged with Exabytes back in 2010 was because it’s a local Penang company. Another ‘wow’ factor when we first engaged with Exabytes is due to the fast email response.

I’d dealt with a few big international names prior to this, but their response takes about two business days. The real time response from the Exabytes team is what convinced me to engage Exabytes 10 years ago. And it has never disappointed us ever since.

We will definitely recommend Exabytes and pass on their details to anyone who wants to grow their business online. As mentioned, their technical support is amazing. One of the best!


To learn that Toypanic has grown by 80% in their sales and productivity after upgrading their business and growing it online with Exabytes, this has come as a big motivation to the team.

Exabytes exists on the principle of providing the best digital transformation solutions to help businesses grow.

We want to introduce to you a platform that is sure to ease your daily tasks, and on top of it, increase your monthly revenue.