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Acronis Cyber Protection Solution

Choosing the right kind of cybersecurity solutions such as Acronis protection has become an integral need of managing information systems securely.

It is paramount for businesses to ensure that a holistic system is in place to support the development of all-in-one cyber protection for the business, especially for workstations such as laptops, desktops, and PCs.

There are numerous cybersecurity solutions available for businesses to manage cyber protection.

One of the examples of cybersecurity software

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However, very few of them have a comprehensive solution to tackle all kinds of cyber security requirements, and many are about having expertise in one or the other specific kind of cyber security solutions.

Irrespective of the size of the business, today, the need for cyber protection solutions has become imminent.

However, depending on the ecommerce nature and e-business systems usage, the need for cyber protection alters its weightage to focus on malware attacks or intrusions, web application firewalls, etc.

Imagine choosing the independent range of cybersecurity solutions for each kind of cyber threat and loading it into your systems.

More than your core application systems, the functional efficiency of your IT infrastructure will be consumed by these applications.

What If there is one system that can help in monitoring and control for all kinds of cyber threats existent in the current scenario?

A Complete Cybersecurity Solution for Workstations

acronis cyber protection

This is where the “Acronis Protection”, known as a 360-degree system for securing the IT infrastructure effectively.

Acronis cyber protect is a complete cyber protection solution. It is a comprehensive suite of products that includes backup and recovery, antivirus, anti-malware and encryption. It also provides cloud storage for data backup and recovery.

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Here, the features and strengths of how this protection solution is superior among cyber protection solutions are discussed for your understanding.

The resilient cyber security features of Acronis are effective for businesses of all sizes and types, in securing their IT infrastructure from any kind of cyber threats.

Let’s understand some of the comprehensive features of Acronis as a range of cyber protection solutions.

What are the Features of Acronis Cyber Protect?

Acronis Cyber Protect supports backup in combination with the exemplary range of anti-ransomware technologies to secure your workstation’s data from any kind of cyber threats.

1. File and Disk Image backup 

The backup of individual files and the holistic set of applications from any kind of cyber threat is an integral part of the cybersecurity solutions offered by Acronis.

The system supports the bare metal restore capability model and is highly effective for disaster recovery planning or for restoring the complete information

2. Ongoing Data Protection 

One of the critical aspects of cyber protection solutions is ongoing data protection. Scheduled scanning of systems is not effective for the new age dynamics of information security.

There is a need for constant tracking of traffic and requests to the information systems to identify any kind of threats impacting the systems.

In this functionality, the scope of Acronis Cyber Security is impeccable, and it can deliver a significant outcome.

3. Acronis Universal Restore

This feature from Acronis is a potential cyber security solution wherein the scope of downtime in the case of Windows and Linux systems is significantly reduced.

Restoration of the services from a bare level in all Acronis Protection environments is possible.

This is because restoring from backup without many complexities of computability issues is the core structure of Acronis.

Using simple and easier-to-adapt migration systems with few clicks, the restoration process can be completed in this cybersecurity software.

4. Drive Health Monitor

Among the unique features supported by Acronis, the cyber protection solution in the form of drive health monitoring is a quality solution.

By avoiding unpredictable data loss and successfully increasing the uptime, the machine learning system of Acronis Cyber Protect can alert to any anomalies in the operating system parameters.

Advanced predictive systems for disk issues issue early warnings to the admin teams for necessary action.

5. Anti-Malware Scanning of Backups

anti-malware protection acronis

More often the cyber protection solutions are deployed for the core systems scanning, and to identify the malware attacks if any in the core systems.

However, in the case of Acronis Protection, the features of malware attack scans are applicable even in the case of backup.

In regular backups too, the scope of malware infusions is possible, and thus, the screening from Acronis ensures all such gaps are addressed.

6. Data Protection Map

Every critical data in the system is covered for compliance reporting under the data protection map system from Acronis Protection.

This unique feature is not available in many other cyber protection solutions.

Acronis supports an automated data classification model for tracking the protection status of important files, and one shall be alerted upon managing the file backup status.

It helps in securing the data more effectively.

7. Forensic Data Collection

The other key feature of Acronis Protection as cyber security solution is about managing the compliance and execution of internal inspections.

Forensic audit reports play a vital role in businesses having more data compliance regulations.

Using Acronis Protection can simplify the analysis, and collection of digital evidence to help in information analysis from dumps, and disk-level backups.

In addition to the protection features, the specialty solutions in the case of Acronis Protection are about the application of the backup measures and migration features.

Acronis manages the data in a unified backup format, and it is easy for businesses to recover from any platform, irrespective of the source systems.

Such moves shall essentially reduce the risks and improve the scope of migration as integral to the cyber protection solutions practice from the businesses.

There are many other comprehensive solutions too like variable block size de-duplication, safe recovery, flexible storage in Acronis, Tape multi-streaming, and Tape multiplexing, as some of the inherent features offered as cybersecurity solutions.

Acronis Cyber Protect, ensures its monitoring and control systems are updated regularly with malware library, intrusion detection patterns, and algorithms essential for robust monitoring and control of Acronis Protection installed systems.

When businesses are deploying the systems appropriately, the cyber protection solutions help in managing the IT infrastructure more effectively.


To know more about Acronis Protection offered in a packaged structure as a cybersecurity solution, reach out to Exabytes Malaysia’s sales team.

Exabytes Malaysia offers a wide variety of service options and flexible pricing models for Acronis Protection, including securing business systems and workstations on the network.

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