SolarMate Malaysia x Exabytes SEO Services: 81.3% More Organic Traffic Since 2020


SolarMate Malaysia increaese organic traffic with SEO services

In simple terms, Exabytes’ SEO services have successfully helped SolarMate Malaysia increase the organic traffic to their website to 81.3% of total traffic since 2020.

Leading Solar Heater Supplier: Ranked 1st Page Organically

Welcome to SolarMate Malaysia, a prominent solar water heater supplier and Exabytes SEO client since 2020. With nearly 40 years of experience, SolarMate offers outstanding solar hot water systems to residential, commercial, and industrial customers.  

In the past years, our effective SEO strategies have bolstered SolarMate’s online presence, attracting organic traffic, and driving growth in the solar energy industry in Malaysia and beyond. 

Join us on this sustainable journey and explore our SEO success story in the article below.

About SolarMate Malaysia

SolarMate Malaysia official website

SolarMate Official Website: 

SolarMate Malaysia, a leading, trusted Solar Water Heater Supplier, has been an Exabytes SEO client since 2020.

With over 40 years of expertise, SolarMate Malaysia has established itself as a prominent solar hot water heater supplier, manufacturer, distributor, solar installer, and provider of Solar Hot Water Systems. Their Solar Hot Water Heaters are widely recognized and extensively used in various settings, including residential houses, commercial establishments, resorts, and government projects.

With a strong presence in Malaysia and exports to neighbouring countries, SolarMate Malaysia continues to prioritize customer satisfaction, offering total peace of mind through their exceptional after-sales service and support. Their commitment to creating heating solutions for the community aligns perfectly with their vision for a greener and more sustainable future.

SolarMate’s partnership with Waterco Group of Companies, a market leader in water heating solutions, further solidifies their position as a leading provider of clean and green products in Malaysia. The synergy between SolarMate and Waterco ensures continued innovation, making them an unbeatable force in the industry.

With their dedication to delivering reliable and efficient solar heating systems, SolarMate remains at the forefront of the solar water heating industry in Malaysia and beyond.

Challenges Faced by SolarMate Malaysia Before Seeking SEO Solution

  1. Weak Online Presence: Inconsistent or limited online presence, including social media, directories, and industry platforms, may have restricted their visibility to potential customers searching for solar solutions.
  2. Limited Awareness of Benefits: Many commercial customers are still unaware of the benefits of solar water heating.
  3. Competitive Market: The solar water heating industry is highly competitive, making it challenging to stand out and attract organic traffic amidst numerous competitors.
  4. Local Reach Strategies: SolarMate Malaysia aims to increase organic traffic, especially from local residents, companies and manufacturers, requiring tailored strategies to target different audiences effectively. To attract local customers, implementing effective local SEO strategies, such as local business listings and citations, became necessary
  5. Content Visibility & Quality: Creating valuable and engaging content is essential, but without effective content promotion and distribution strategies, the content may not have reached the target audience and may not have driven traffic to the website. 

Addressing these challenges requires a holistic approach to digital marketing, especially SEO strategy, content marketing efforts, local SEO initiatives, and continuous monitoring and adaptation to the ever-changing online landscape.

By overcoming these difficulties, SolarMate Malaysia can increase their website traffic organically and reach a broader audience interested in their solar solutions. 

Maximizing Results with Strategic Search Engine Optimization Implementation

  1. On-Page Optimization
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Local SEO

On-Page Optimization

  • Keyword Research: Conduct thorough keyword research to identify relevant and high-traffic keywords related to solar water heaters, solar water heating systems, commercial solar water heater and other relevant products/services offered by SolarMate. Use these keywords strategically throughout the website’s content.
  • Title Tags and Meta Descriptions: Optimize title tags and meta descriptions for each web page with targeted keywords to improve click-through rates and search engine rankings.
  • Internal Linking: Implement a well-structured internal linking strategy to guide users to relevant content within the website and improve overall website navigation.

Content Marketing

  • Educational Blogging: Create a blog section on their website to publish informative and valuable content related to solar water heaters, energy-saving tips, industry trends, and customer success stories. This will position SolarMate as a thought leader in the industry and attract organic traffic through search engines.
  • SEO-Optimized Content: Ensure that all content is optimized for search engines with relevant keywords, meta tags, and internal links. This will improve organic search rankings and increase website visibility.

Local SEO

  • Local Keyword Optimization: Include location-specific keywords in their website content, meta tags, and headings to improve visibility for local search queries. For example, “Malaysia Solar Heater Systems.”
  • Local Content Creation: Develop content that is relevant to the local audience, such as blog posts about reasons to use solar water heating in the local climate or customer success stories from nearby areas.

As part of our SEO services for SolarMate Malaysia, backlink building is also one of our core focuses to strengthen their online presence and improve search engine rankings. Our strategy involves creating high-quality, relevant content that appeals to the target audience and promoting it across various platforms. This approach attracts organic backlinks from interested readers and website owners, boosting SolarMate’s credibility and authority. 

Additionally, we actively engage in external backlink outreach efforts to enhance SolarMate’s website exposure and domain authority within the solar industry. By implementing these backlink building tactics, our goal is to drive increased organic traffic to their website and establish SolarMate as a reputable leader in the field.

Performance and Results Achieved

1. Organic Traffic contributed 81.3% of the total traffic from June 2020 to June 2023

Organic Traffic contributed 81.3% of the total traffic SolarMate Malaysia
Data was collected from Google Analytics.

The organic traffic experienced a remarkable increase from July 2020 to July 2023. Over this period, there was a significant surge in the number of visitors accessing the website through search engines and other organic sources. It was mostly contributed by the blog post created about the comparison between solar and electrical hot water heaters (13.73% from all landing pages).

This growth can be attributed to our effective SEO strategies, including backlink building, content optimization, and website improvements. 

2. 70% Target Keywords Top 3, 100% Top 10 in Google Search since June 2020

70% Target Keywords Top 3

Since June 2020, there has been a significant improvement in keyword rankings for our target keywords on the Google search engine. Currently, approximately 70% of these keywords are ranked in the top 3 positions, signifying a considerable increase in visibility and competitiveness. 

For instance, the keyword “solar water heater,” with a search volume of 1,000, has not only achieved a consistent top 3 ranking but also maintained its position. Similarly, the keyword “solar water heating system,” with a search volume of 110, has experienced significant progress, rising from rank 37 to now being positioned within the top 5 on Google search engine. 

These notable achievements underscore the effectiveness of our SEO efforts in improving keyword rankings and enhancing the online visibility of our client’s website.

Also, these positive results demonstrate the effectiveness of our SEO strategies in enhancing website visibility and driving organic traffic to SolarMate’s website.

In a Nutshell

SolarMate Malaysia energy slogan

Our SEO services have proven to be a game-changer for SolarMate Malaysia. By implementing strategic on-page optimization, content marketing, and local SEO strategies, we have significantly increased their organic traffic and improved their search engine rankings. With 70% of target keywords now ranked in the top 3 and 100% in the top 10 on Google, SolarMate is firmly positioned as a trusted leader in the solar water heating industry.

If you’re seeking to enhance your online presence, attract organic traffic, and achieve remarkable results like SolarMate, look no further. Our expert SEO team is ready to tailor a customized strategy to elevate your brand and drive exceptional growth.

Talk to us today and unlock the full potential of your online presence with our comprehensive SEO services. Contact us now to get started!

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