AI-Driven Digital Exporting Made Easy with Engaging Session in Puchong


On Tuesday, May 30th, 2023, Exabytes organized a digital exporting workshop in Setiawalk, Puchong with the aim of empowering Malaysian exporters and entrepreneurs to capitalize on global eCommerce platforms and AI tools for business growth.

The program centered around the latest trends in the global export market, emphasizing top platforms like and AI tools such as ChatGPT.

30 May 2023 Puchong Session Alibaba event photo

Exporting in the Age of AI in Puchong

The workshop commenced with a warm-up session conducted by Keith Leong, Exabytes’ Business Development Manager. Following that, Martin Tang, the Digital Marketing Manager at Exabytes, took the stage to deliver his talk titled “Exporting with AI and Unleash the Power of Global eCommerce.”

Martin shared valuable insights on the potential of AI-driven digital marketing to give exporters a competitive advantage with its strong market analysis and tips on how to make your export more efficient.

He introduced the audience to ChatGPT, an AI-powered language model that can assist with competitive analysis, brand monitoring, and more.

participant's interaction during the Alibaba sharing

After Martin’s presentation, a Q&A session allowed attendees to seek clarification and deepen their understanding of the topics covered.

The next speaker, Cheong Peng, Vice President of Digital Sales at Exabytes, addressed the audience on “Mastering Global eCommerce: From Clicks to Conversions.” Cheong provided valuable insights based on AI tool recommendations for export best practices.

She highlighted the essential features of a global eCommerce platform and shared strategies for building a successful export business using the platform.

Cheong Peng, VP of Digital Sales of Exabytes

The workshop progressed into an interactive Q&A session led by Keith, where he addressed various questions posed by business owners and managers, providing them with practical advice and insights.

The event concluded with networking opportunities, allowing attendees to connect, exchange ideas, and establish fruitful professional relationships.

Networking Session and Understanding Alibaba with Consultant

During the workshop, we were fortunate to have many brands and companies who’ve interacted with us and provided valuable insights into their specific industries.

With that, we are grateful for each attendee for allowing us to progress further on our objective to educate and empower Malaysian exporters and enable them to leverage the power of global eCommerce platforms and digital marketing for business growth.

Conclusion of the Exporting Workshop in Puchong

With Malaysia’s exports behind the key driving force for the economy in the foreseeable future, the demand and support for such programs has never been greater.

We take pride in bringing this workshop to our esteemed clients in Puchong and the central region of the country.

Overall, the workshop was a success, enabling Exabytes to engage and equip attendees with valuable insights into the latest trends in the global export market and best practices for building a thriving export business.

The emphasis on and AI tools like ChatGPT was particularly beneficial, as these technologies are increasingly pivotal in the realm of global eCommerce.

The networking opportunities provided attendees with a platform to connect with industry peers, fostering collaboration and idea-sharing that may lead to future growth and success.

Look out for more Exporting Workshop as we engage more speakers and go on tours around the nation.

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