Exabytes & Alibaba.com Dream Trip Aug 2023


Exabytes x Alibaba.com Dream Trip Aug 2023, successfully completed.

alibaba.com dream trip hotel registration
Day 1: Alibaba.com Registration Centre

Last week, an exciting journey took place that combined business insights, cultural exploration, and innovation. From August 14th to 17th, 2023, around 40 participants embarked on a remarkable dream trip to Hangzhou, China.

Packed with enlightening experiences, the trip provided an exclusive look into Alibaba.com Group’s world and its advanced digital export strategies.

alibaba.com dream trip question and answer session during the trainning
Q&A time with our expert speaker

Alibaba.com innovative mindset & strategies

The goal of this distinctive journey was evident is to provide a profound comprehension of Alibaba.com‘s innovative mindset and digital export strategies.

Designed with a business-focused approach, the journey aimed to fully engage participants in international trade through Alibaba.com’s advanced platforms. The main objective is to empower B2B businesses with better platform choices.

The journey began at Alibaba.com’s global headquarters, where participants were introduced to an atmosphere of innovation.

With more than 10 tailored courses as the core part of the trip, attendees gained insights from 5 influential global lecturers, each with vast experience in e-commerce and business growth strategies.

alibaba.com dream trip to visit alibaba success supplier in China
Visits Alibaba Success Supplier

Throughout the four-day adventure, participants enjoyed a range of highlights. They explored the Alibaba.com headquarters and learned during visits to Chinese Supplier (CGS) companies.

The journey into business insights was complemented by a valuable one-on-one session with a successful Alibaba.com seller. As the days unfolded, participants not only learned about digital export but also experienced Hangzhou’s culture and vitality firsthand.

However, the trip’s impact extended beyond the insightful sessions. The journey revealed unforgettable moments that deepened participants’ understanding of Alibaba.com’s core mission and vision.

With a mission “To make it easy to do business anywhere,” Alibaba.com envisions a future where customers engage within the Alibaba.com Group ecosystem.

The ambitious 2036 vision aims to serve 2 billion global consumers, empower 10 million businesses, and create 100 million jobs.

alibaba.com dream trip group sharing session with savannah zheng
Group sharing time with Ms Savannah Zheng

As the sun set over the lively city, participants reflected on the journey’s significance. From Alibaba.com Group Headquarters to Hangzhou’s bustling streets, the dream trip became a hub of knowledge, connection, and inspiration.

Beyond digital export insights, the trip showcased Alibaba.com’s dedication to shaping the future of global business.

Ultimately, this dream trip wasn’t just about the physical journey; it was an exploration of collaboration, transformation, and innovation.

From the shining Alibaba.com towers to the conversations exchanged, each moment brought the realization of Alibaba.com’s vision for lasting success.

alibaba.com dream trip dinner
Joyful moment

This exceptional voyage reminded us that business isn’t confined to boardrooms; it’s a dynamic blend of cultures, ideas, and innovations. The Alibaba.com Experience became an unforgettable journey, inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs to dream big and strive for more.

alibaba.com dream trip
Alibaba.com Dream Trip

Dream Trip Package:

✈️ RM9152 for one pax
✈️ RM9952 for twin sharing

For any inquiries or further assistance, please feel free to contact Exabytes Export Manager, Keith Leong at https://wa.me/60122377286 or Scan the QR code.

qr code to whatsapp 60122377286

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to unlock your business potential and explore the Alibaba.com platform.

Join us on the Alibaba.com Dream Trip and take your business to new horizons!

Note: Seats are limited, and registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

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