Mike Khoo

I am passionate with mobile app businesses. I am pursuing creativity and innovative idea. I believe traveling around the world is the source of inspiration.
asia smart app award easywork

EasyWork Awarded in the ASIA SMART APP AWARD 2018/2019.

  EasyWork has recently won the Asia Smart App Awards 2019. They have been selected as the only one representative from Malaysia to attend the...
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Tips about top Social Media’s Data in 2019

Wanna know your business target audience presence on social media? How can you identify your target social media platform?   Check out these infographics to understand...
business risk

Top 10 Risk to know in 2019

The most important 10 risks to know in 2019. Follow the rule of new business world. Nowadays a lot of business are practicing older...
easywork with exabytes

How EasyWork Assist Exabytes Annual Dinner a Great Success!

EasyWork recently has an impressive new case study. Great collaboration with EasyWork, the Annual Dinner of Exabytes Group was a great success! With the new features...
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Office’s New Year Resolution: No more punch cards!

Nowadays, many companies want to get rid of punch cards and punch card machines for a more cost-saving and efficient way. This is mainly...

An Unicorn Tips that Prevents Business from Becoming Extinct Like Dinosaurs!

A new model of Management - Company & HR System Pat Crull Chief Learning Officer of the year at Time Warner Cable said: “in past...

Malaysia holiday: How to Smartly Apply for Leave and Enjoy a...

How to make a smart annual leave application and fully enjoy your public holidays? Good news to all EasyWork App users who are based...

EasyWork beneficial to which type of Industry?

  Which Types of Business/Industry can Fully Benefit from the Powerful Features of EasyWork? Any business with a Sales team (indoor/outdoor) We have flexible attendance...

EasyWork- Office HR made Easy

As the slogan “Office HR Made Easy” suggests, EasyWork is a powerful mobile application that focuses on bringing higher productivity and greater convenience to...

Mobile App Amazing Upgrades, At Zero Cost! Wow~

EasyWork Mobile App Amazing Upgrades, At Zero Cost! No Credit card is required!    Recently EasyWork has undergone a lot of exciting upgrades, which include several...