Mobile App Amazing Upgrades, At Zero Cost! Wow~


EasyWork Mobile App Amazing Upgrades, At Zero Cost! No Credit card is required! 


Recently EasyWork has undergone a lot of exciting upgrades, which include several new features, such as Office Announcement, Office Calendar and MORE! Yup, you can now enjoy all the upgraded features at Zero Cost!

In fact, anyone can download and use EasyWork to increase company productivity for FREE!


Old vs. New Way of Making Announcements

How do we make office announcements? Most of the time we would announce through email, WhatsApp group, or on notice board. This can cause some frustration mainly because:  


Old Way: 

Via Email:

  • Colleagues can easily miss out the announcement email.
  • Many will be late to respond to the announcement you might need to send further reminder emails.  -Notification emails can go straight to the junk folder.


Via WhatsApp group:

  • Many of us have different whatsapp groups full of lengthy conversions.
  • It’s common to miss out some of the important office announcements.


Via notice board:

  • Not all of us would read the notice board, slow and ineffective.
  • Very old school method: waste of resources, such as papers.

Example from online resources:

New Way (Benefits brought by EasyWork):

  • Make office announcements on a highly effective platform. Standardize and Systematic.


  • Teammates receive notifications on their EasyWork account. Everyone can view it clearly and repeatedly. Effective Push Notifications remind everyone about important office announcements.


  • Fast and simple! You can schedule an announcement for a specified date, and blast to all teammates/ colleagues on time.



Create an imaginary test company, try out all the features of EasyWork, and invite your colleagues and friends to join you!


Lastly, i would say that EasyWork is the latest HR tools that can enhance HR department and Office productivities. Help to reduce HR burden and boost work efficiency from now! With the tools and tips above, a company could be performing greater.


Quick! To know further information about EasyWork and you may visit & download through this link.

Free for download & Free for use.

iOS Download Here:
Android Download Here:

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