Top 10 Risk to know in 2019


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The most important 10 risks to know in 2019. Follow the rule of new business world.

Nowadays a lot of business are practicing older & older tradition method to run their offices and business. Why today tech giant such as Amazon is standing on the top? Don’t mess up your business, it times to chase up those giant or at least on the same orbit.  But why such famous tradition businesses is no longer stand top is starting eliminated? That’s the reason of “mindset”.

The main thing to concern is about the daily practice. Highly sensitivity to technology is really important. It will directly reflect to a business performance. From the world of computer to mobile, the evolution is there by the reason of everyone in this world is looking for convenience.

Why warren buffet is keen to hold tech stocks now? He has foreseen the development of world and economic and businesses is highly surrounding technologies.

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Let’s go to the topic! Here is the top 10 risks for 2019

  1. Rapid speed of disruptive innovations and new technologies.
  2. Resistance to change operations
  3. Cyber threats
  4. Regulatory changes and regulatory scrutiny
  5. Organisation’s culture may not encourage timely identification and escalation of risk issues
  6. Succession challenges and ability to attract and retain top talent
  7. Privacy/ identity management and information security
  8. Economic conditions
  9. Analytics and big data
  10. Existing operations meeting performance expectations, competing against “born digital” companies.


Based on the 10 risks above, we can conclude that we need to catch up the trend of business and economy. Current business environment decides future. 


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