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A new model of Management – Company & HR System

Pat Crull Chief Learning Officer of the year at Time Warner Cable said: “in past economic recoveries we always rebuilt our organizations the way we did before- this time is different. We are not going to be learner, quicker and have to do more with less forever onward.”

HR Management can be combination with Business Development. The relationship is there although is intangible. There is an AGILE to redefine a business. Agile is “the ability to create and respond to change in order to succeed in an uncertain and turbulent environment.”

How CEOs are defining Agility   

  1. Rapid decision-making
  2. A High-performance culture
  3. Flexible management of teams
  4. Transparent avaibility of information

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New Rules and Roles for HR

Traditional Management is Focus on Control & Alignment

They creates: Execution, Order, Control

HR’s Job: Implement controls, standards, and systems to drive alignment & execution.

Agile Management is Focus on Speed & Customers

They creates: Adaptability programs, systems, strategies, which faster expertise, collaboration, and decision-making.

HR’s Job: Implementing programs, systems, strategies, which faster expertise, collaboration, and decision making.

5 Example of Agile HR Strategies: 

  1. Hiring and promoting experts, not general managers.
  2. Training leaders at all levels of the company to act as hands-on coaches, not “managers”.
  3. Implementing a strong external employment brand that attracts “the right type” of people.
  4. Implementing “systems of engagement” not just “system of record”, i.e. collaboration, information-sharing, project management.
  5. Delivering a strong, focused mission and values to keep everyone aligned.

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