EasyWork- Office HR made Easy

EasyWork, An Office Productivity Mobile App Hits 20,000 Downloads Within The First Few Months of Launch

As the slogan “Office HR Made Easy” suggests, EasyWork is a powerful mobile application that focuses on bringing higher productivity and greater convenience to SMEs with features such as leave submission, reward distribution and redemption, financial claims, attendance recording and tracking, voting office polls, announcements, and more.

A brainchild of Exabytes Group, a leading cloud service provider in Southeast Asia, EasyWork is the result of 18 years of online business experience and Exabytes’ understanding on the trending needs of SME companies. The mobile application aims to establish a paperless working office that is consolidated, safe and environmentally-friendly, simplifying tedious managerial work that previously took hours to complete into minutes.  

According to Exabytes, EasyWork is also a mobile application that is able to enhance teamwork, improve employee motivation, reduce red tape, and simplify various office processes.  

Benefits and functions of EasyWork include:


Various applications are easily available. From Leave application to Item Requisition forms, approvers will receive instant notification so immediate action can be taken.


Users can clock in and out of work with just a tap on their mobile. The countdown clock feature keeps track of users’ time. This is useful for those who are constantly working out-of-office.


Make office announcements with just a few taps. No more sending emails or putting up a notice! Everyone is aware of the announcement by notification.

Every team member can refer to the announcement anytime. Date & time of announcements are well recorded.  


Be creative and have some fun among colleagues by creating interesting polls. This feature allows users to create both fun and work related topics to acquire opinions and improve interaction.


Get ready for the new 2019 calendar! All public holidays are clearly seen on EasyWork Calendar based on your country.

Admin can also schedule Office Events in the calendar; all team members will be notified and reminded on a specified date.


Allocate reward points to peers who have accomplished your request as an appreciation. The accumulated points can be used to redeem reward items from the human resource department.


Assign different access levels to different individuals. Users’ access level can vary depending on the responsibilities and can be manually adjusted with ease within the application.

EasyWork has been downloaded over 20,000 times within the first few months of its launch, and has made appearances in major regional events such as EEC Malaysia (Exabytes E-Commerce Conference Malaysia), EEC Indonesia (Exabytes E-Commerce Conference Indonesia) and EIMS Malaysia (Exabytes Internet Marketing Summit Malaysia).   

To understand more about EasyWork, visit https://www.easywork.asia/ . EasyWork is available for both Android and IOS.  

iOS Download Here: goo.gl/YWeMQh
Android Download Here: goo.gl/rX18Ns

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