Xin Yee

Full of passionate and curiosity in everything new. Love to fulfill her life by adventuring and keep exploring new things to stimulate self-potential.

EcommerceFest 2021: Series #2 eCommerce Trends

The eCommerceFest 2021 Series #1 has just concluded, and here comes Series #2 with the theme 'eCommerce Trends'. Malaysia's eCommerce market is expected to continue...

eCommerceFest 2021: Series #1 eCommerce Success Stories & Insights

A person's real-life story always inspires and pushes us to take action toward our life's goals. Through eCommerceFest 2021, we hope to motivate you...

eCommerceFest 2021 – Coming Back with Online Series

In today’s digital age, eCommerce has become the norm. However, due to the competitive nature of eCommerce, the key to success is not only...

Digitalisation in Fish Market Successfully Reaching Young Customers

To adapt to this digital world, some businesses have started taking steps to digitally transform to preserve themselves during this pandemic. Some business owners may think growing a business online is difficult because they have run their business traditionally for decades.

直播销售: 你我都能跟上线上销售新趋势!

其实在我们本地,马来西亚,也有许多商家都成功的透过直播来挽救自家的生意,成功的赚取了比直播前还更多的盈利。如果你也想要成为像他们一样成功的商家,可是却不知如何开始做直播?别担心, SME DigitalFest 2021 将帮助你解除疑虑,提供方法。 

SME DigitalFest 2021 – Leverage Technology for Digitalization

SME DigitalFest is coming back soon! In response to Covid-19, we are bringing the SME DigitalFest 2021 on the screen where we'll meet with you virtually!

Chinese Medicine Store Grows 10% in Revenue after Digital Transformation

Thye Hin Hoe Medical Store still runs the physical store, but by expanding the business online, the store’s revenue has increased by approximately 10%. This growth is strong evidence that digital transformation works well for businesses.

Congratulations to 42 Award-Winning Web Designers, Developers and Agencies at Malaysia...

The MWA 2020 presentation ceremony (held on 18 March 2021) has left a unique experience and memory for everyone who joined this event, as the event was conducted virtually via Zoom. Even though we couldn’t perform a physical ceremony, we could still feel the excitement across the screen. 

Let’s Grow Global

Cross-border selling is not easy for many businesses. Most business owners discard the idea of cross-border selling as they are under the impression that it requires higher cost and more time to manage.

MWA 2020 Virtual Presentation Ceremony

Mark your calendar for the MWA 2020 Awards Presentation Ceremony, slated to take place on 18th March 2021 (Thursday).