Creating Content in Social Media that Converts


As digital transformation is growing dramatically, we want our brand to be visible on social media, as this is one of the best ways to reach out to our target audience and connect with them. Brands create content on social media, not only wanting to be visible in the digital world but also to convert target audiences into customers. 

Now the question is what kind of content on social media can help in enhancing the conversion rate?

The emcee (Laureen Quah) and the speaker (Nowrid Amin) of the event.

Our recent webinar, ‘Creating Content in Social Media That Converts’ provided the answer. The audience learned how to create content that would attract their customers effectively and led them to take the action. 

Here are some takeaways of the session: 

1. Solve problems 

Why are we creating and consuming content? We do so to solve a problem. When people search online, they hope that the search result can lead them to solutions. For example, how to write an article, how to cook spaghetti, etc. If you are thinking of providing solutions to your customers’ problems when crafting content, then you are on the right track. Content that does not solve a problem can’t create a long-term engagement with the audience.

2. Write engaging captions 

The first line, which is also the headline, needs to draw the attention of the audience. It can be told in different ways: it can be an offer or a shocking/interesting statement. If your first line is not good enough to hook your audience, chances are they will not read the rest of the content and will not engage with you. Thus, the first line needs to be the best, so the audience will engage with what you post and take further action. 

3. Four steps to creating good content 

a. Attention 

We live in a world full of choices and distractions. There are different kinds of content in the digital world, so making your content stand out is important. To grab the attention of the audience on different channels, we need to have a catchy headline to effectively grab people’s attention. 

b. Open the loop 

Once you get the attention, you need to hold it for a longer period of time because if your content is not interesting enough, you might lose your customers. Therefore, you need to keep their interest by giving them some teaser and excitement.

c. Create desire

Mention the benefits of your products and services and what can your customers achieve by using them. As mentioned, people are seeking solutions that can impact their life. So good content needs to create desire. It can be achieved by showing the audience how the solution will impact their life. Desire can be created in different ways. Offering discounts or promotions is a good example. 

d. Action 

When people like your product, they will want to know where to buy it. And here is where CTA (Call-to-Action) plays an important role—it motivates people to take action (buy or opt-in).

Creating an online presence is also important for businesses as it helps build brand awareness, and social media is a good place to start with. By posting good content on social media, businesses can drive customers to their website, increase website traffic and sales at the same time. 

In this webinar, we’re pleased to have invited Nowrid Amin, Head of Digital Marketing, Juwai IQI, to share his valuable insights on how to create social media content that converts successfully, the 4E Content Marketing Rules and the 4-step strategy to creating amazing content for social media.

Watch the full video of this insightful session to learn more about content creation!


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