Uplevel the Reach and Power of Influencer Marketing


Many businesses are now using influencer marketing as one of their marketing strategies to grow their business and increase revenue. Social media brought rapid growth in the influencer industry, giving influencers the power to influence their audience by posting content on their social media pages. This creates a platform for businesses to reach out to potential customers and convert them successfully.

However, there are still some challenges you might face while implementing the influencer marketing strategy, such as choosing the influencers to work with. This panel discussion focused on the topic ‘Uplevel the Reach and Power of Influencer Marketing’ that will help you to understand the inherent challenges of influencer marketing and enable you to realize the full potential of this powerful marketing method.

The moderator (Wintson Tham) and the panelists (Aditya Aima, Pandu Nitiseputro & Boni Andika) of the session.

Let’s go through some key takeaways from this session: 

1. Target Audiences

When considering influencer marketing, we need to first think about our target audience. Know your audience so that you can find the right influencer that attracts the right target audience with the right content. Besides, being authentic with your audience when reaching out to them will increase the trustworthiness of your brand. 

2. Delivering Value

Other than determining who your target audiences are, you also need to think about what value your products can deliver. Showing your product value is similar to demonstrating the benefits you can bring to your audience. Therefore, determine the benefit which the audience would appreciate, then work with the content creator or influencer to come up with content that highlights those benefits. 

3. Feature your products

Influencers can feature your product in their videos to expose your brand to their followers. For example, if it is a beauty product, the influencer can create a tutorial video on how to use the product. Influencer marketing does not have to be promotional, even though in marketing we always focus on promoting products and increasing sales. But for influencer marketing, the influencer can give a sneak peek to their audience about your product in their day-to-day life. This makes the content look more natural and effective, allowing audiences to develop interest and want to know more. 

Giveaways also have the potential and power to generate engagement and reach out to the audience. You will just need to provide your product as a prize and the creator will create a giveaway and content for the product. 

4. Objective 

It is significant to know the objective of your business when you are doing or planning to do influencer marketing. The objective is to determine what kind of influencer you want to work with. For example, if your objective is to build awareness and reach out to a bigger audience, it is recommended to go for mega or micro-influencers as they have more followers. If the objective is to create another funnel for conversion, go for a more specialized micro-influencer or nano influencer because they engage more and are more intimate with their followers.

5. Look from different angles

When you are thinking about what kind of content you can create to promote your products or services, try to look from different angles. Try to think about what stories you can create for your brand that can arouse your audience’s interest. Explore a different angle of the content you can make with your products, you might find out the content that could resonate with your audience as it brings benefit to them. An example was given during the panel discussion: when promoting a hotel, other than promoting the pleasant view and environment, you can also promote your customer service in your social media content. 

The Bottom Line

Influencer marketing is becoming a trend in online marketing. Many brands have collaborated with influencers to create marketing campaigns. It is an effective marketing strategy as brands can directly have their products or services showcased to a group of target audience through the creative content of the influencer they with with. 

In this webinar, we are pleased to have Wintson Tham, Assistant Business Consultant Manager, Exabytes as the moderator. Once again, a big thanks to the panelists: Boni Andika, Head of Social Media, Community & Influencer Marketing, iStyle.id; Pandu Nitiseputro, Head of SMB Indonesia, TikTok and Aditya Aima, Managing Director, Agencies, AnyMind Group to share with the audience everything about influencer marketing. 

Watch the full video of this session, you are guaranteed to walk away with valuable insightful tips!

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