Exabytes Team Building 2013 At The Soothing Gunung Jerai (Part 2)


Date: 27 – 28 April 2013 (2 Days 1 Night)
Venue: Regency Jerai Hill Resort at Gurun, Kedah
Number of Exabees: 63

The cooking competition required us to cook food that was excellent in taste and appearance; big in portion with the best teamwork and cleanliness. Our discerning judges Chan, Ainee, Sally, Frost and Anwar were going to give their final verdict based on the following:

  • Taste (30%)
  • Appearance & creativity (30%)
  • Team work (30%)
  • Portion (10%)

Eventually, the team led by our Creative Department Manager, Vickson Tan emerged as the winner with their super sized pumpkin mee and ikan bakar.

Thank you and congratulations to the team for feeding us with such a good food! Subsequently, we took an hour to rest and got ready for CEO workshop (session two)!

In session one, we formed 6 new teams by putting the puzzle together in the shortest time. In this session, things were to be more challenging; we built the world’s most renowned buildings such as the Penang Bridge, Kek Lok Si, Eiffel Tower, etc with limited pieces of papers.

Besides competing to be the winner, the teams were also competing to earn extra plastic bags for water bomb fight on the second day.

While other teams would have fixed number of water bags, the winning team would have more ‘bullets’ to attack! The workshop ended at around 11.00 pm with many content but tired Exabees.

In the next morning, two more exciting programs awaited us, namely jungle trekking and water bomb fight.

Dressed in tracksuits and windbreakers, 30 Exabees woke up at 8.00 am for breakfast before heading to the jungle. Jungle trekking in Gunung Jerai was full of surprises and memorable experience.

Luckily, the weather was good and the routes were not slippery. With the guidance of an experienced jungle trekking guide, we entered the jungle with excitement, holding each others’ hands or the tree branches when encountering steep routes.

Soon we reached a waterfall and the guide began to tell us the myths and legends of Gunung Jerai including the forbidden caves. While listening to his interesting yet ‘scary’ story, some of us suffered leech bites.

With red blotches and itchy rash over our bodies, we were lucky that no one had experienced allergy.

We successfully ‘conquered’ the mountain at around 10.30am. Next, 30 Exabees joined the rest for the much anticipated water bomb fight! Check out the exciting moments:

The water bomb fight had brought us to the end of our team building trip. It was only 11.30 am when we finished the game. After lunch and shower, we finally left Gunung Jerai, with lots of great photos and sweet memories.

We want to extend a big thank you to our OC TW Ku, Jin Wee, Ken Goh, Anbalagi Krishnan, Candice and Lin Wey for picking such a wonderful destination.

Thank you again for your hard work and we certain look forward to team building 2014 next year!


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