HIGH Performance INSTANT Dedicated Server (10 Mbps Bandwidth) At COST PRICE!


Exabytes Instant Dedicated Server - 10Mbps Bandwidth

Everything has its 1st time!

In the case of Web Hosting, Exabytes is the 1st to Give You 10 Mbps Bandwidth and other specs of a HIGH Performance Dedicated Server for the price of 1 Mbps Bandwidth! And the craziest thing is your server will be READY IN 4 HOURS!

Eye-Popping Facts of Exabytes Instant Setup Dedicated Server:

  • Your Server will be ready in 4 hours, or you’ll get FREE 1 week dedicated server hosting for every 1 working day delay in setup!
  • 32GB RAM for the price of 10GB RAM!
  • Unmetered Data Transfer!
  • SAVE over RM1000 / Month! Dedicated Bandwidth normal price is RM600/month/Mbps!
  • For MORE, click HERE!

What You Enjoy?

  • High Speed and Rock-Solid Servers
  • WORRY-FREE About Sudden Surge in Traffic
  • Extremely Fast Setup
  • Reliable Dedicated Server Engineers’ Support
  • Disaster FREE Hosting Location – Malaysia
  • Applicable in cPanel and WebSitePanel

For ONLY RM599 / month, you Enjoy All the Specs of a HIGH Performance Dedicated Server BETTER than others, offered the FIRST TIME IN ASIA!

If you’re hosting web applications, websites, portals, blogs, e-Commerce websites or reseller hosting, Exabytes Instant Dedicated Server can Triple Your Efficiency & Give Your Biz a Competitive Edge!

Find Out MORE Today! Dedicated server Malaysia.

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