How to Choose Premium Domains Based on Different Industries


Premium Domain Names for Sales

Top companies have long been keen to buy premium domains because the business domain name informs clients about the company’s type of operation.

However, when one buy premium domains it may also open the door to a number of marketing techniques for promoting goods and services.

Nothing is more useful in the busy digital era, when people are bombarded with content, than conveying the tale in a succinct and memorable way.

When businesses buy premium domain names, they accomplish precisely this: they support the prestige and credibility of brands by obtaining premium domain names for sale.

If one wants to buy premium domains, it is expensive. A website named was sold at auction in 2019 for a staggering $49.7 million.

Is it wise to buy premium domain names? A premium domain could be appropriate for business if one can find the proper domain names for sale and can afford it.

Although they might be very expensive, if one buy premium domain name, it can truly help the company stand out from the competition.

The most popular e-commerce startup with premium domains in Malaysia was Shopee, followed by PG Mall and Lazada.

Shopee was the most popular online shopping site in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, with almost 55 million clicks.

What is a Premium Domain Name?

Investing professionals routinely sell and buy premium domain names in order to make money.

These domain names for sale have a number of qualities that make them superior to others in the most crucial role of a domain: helping users locate the websites to buy premium domains.

To access a website without domain names, one would have to memorize a long, unique string of digits. In order to make them simple to discover, a domain name registration helps.

When people buy premium domains names that are catchy and easy to remember, it creates a recall value and helps bring back visitors to the website.

Think of a domain name that has a lot of typos and spelling errors, is unclear, or is unnecessarily complicated.

Users would be unable to discover the website with this type of domain name, which is why it is wise to buy premium domains for online businesses.

Why Are Premium Domains More Expensive?

If one wants to buy premium domain name, it may raise a website’s prominence, and it can only be owned by one individual or company.

  • People buy premium domain names to get a higher page position in search engines as a result of this favorable history, which increases the website’s organic traffic.
  • One should buy premium domains with keywords that match a product, service, sector, or region. Saving time and money on marketing one can also look at domain names for sale.
  • It is recommended to buy premium domains with words, phrases, or keywords that are often typed into search engines.
  • “Buy premium domains” has become popular owing to the easy and simple names that are available under this category which PPC marketers are vying..

Due to all this, when one tries to buy premium domains, the price is higher and might increase dramatically if several companies in the same industry find out about the domain names for sale.

How to Buy Premium Domains for Different Industries

health care industry

When one buys a premium domain name, it is an investment in the company and the brand. Premium names are worth the higher cost in the long term.

The many characteristics of how to buy premium domain names are listed below to help one understand why they are so sought-after and command a premium price.

1# Short and direct

Not only is brevity the essence of wit, but it also forms the basis of a fantastic premium domain name.

buy premium domains that pay to have a distinctive brand name that people can quickly recall when they need the products or services since shorter domain names are easier to remember than longer ones.

Therefore, avoid becoming distracted by excessive text or “creative” use of numbers and symbols when one wants to buy premium domains for any sector.

2# Keywords that are pertinent to the industry

The SEO efforts will benefit from a domain name with lots of keywords. There are a lot of websites with keywords in the domain name or single-word domains when one buy premium domains with keywords that show up on the first page of search results.

3# Generally used TLD

There’s a good reason why people say “.com is king”; it’s well-known and reliable. The majority of .com domain names are, however, already taken.

A one-word domain name, if one want to buy premium domains with keywords or a domain name that is an exact match to a brand name, one should get it if such domain names for sale.

People can also buy premium names that make use of reputable TLDs like .org and .net.

4# High authority and older domain

Age and authority are two domain-related SEO ranking variables one should consider when one wishes to buy premium domains.

Due to earlier registrations, premium domain names are frequently older domain names.

5# Traffic patterns

If a person buy premium domains, they can have a respectable history of traffic. Additionally, some traffic could continue to try to access the domain and connected website.

Consider the industry-related traffic as potentially qualified leads that one could have attracted to the website without spending any money.

6# Brandable

When one buys a memorable and identifiable domain name, developing a brand is simpler.

In a crowded and competitive industry, having a brandable domain name is quite advantageous and commands a premium price.

When one buy premium domains, they are making a long-term investment in their brand. It provides the exclusivity required to create a recognizable online presence.

If you wants to buy domain name for their business in Malaysia, Exabytes can help with its premium domain services.

To learn about more premium domain options, contact us now.

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