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unlock your true OMO

Is your retail brand still focusing only on e-commerce?

Unfortunately, that may not work effectively today.

Integrating your physical store with online capabilities is now the trend for an effective OMO strategy!

Let’s Unlock Your True OMO Strategy

Now, with consumers adept at navigating both physical and online channels, it has become inevitable for brands to have both physical stores and e-commerce.

The OMO (Online-Merge-Offline) strategy has thus become a major trend in the retail industry.

In this changing environment, relying solely on e-commerce platforms is no longer the best choice.

However, there appear to be numerous ways to implement OMO, so how should one evaluate?

Are there solutions to the management challenges brought by operating both physical and online channels at the same time?

When retail brands promote OMO, they will encounter the virtual and physical management challenge of 1+1>2.

In other words, if you only want to operate a small-scale business through e-commerce, the current e-commerce platform functions are mature and stable enough.

As long as you ensure good cybersecurity protection, there won’t be any serious mistakes.

However, if your brand wants to develop its business in both physical channels and e-commerce simultaneously, regardless of which channel is currently the main focus, it needs a retail solution that can satisfy consumers’ OMO (Online Merge Offline) shopping experience and help you overcome the obstacles to business growth.


The chart implies a process where marketing efforts and digital enhancements drive initial customer traffic (external stimuli), while in-store experiences and seamless channel integration maintain engagement and encourage repeat purchases (internal motivation).

Thus, the real challenge for an OMO retail brand is to stimulate external momentum through advertising and store digitalization while also creating consumer-driven internal momentum.

Only by balancing both can brand loyalty and recognition be high, and the likelihood of losing customers to competitors will be reduced.

In other words, if a brand’s online and offline channels are expected to continue growing and transforming, they should use a retail solution capable of handling complex problems.

We believe a retail solution must include the following aspects

  1. System Integration
    • Combines different systems (like ERP, POS, membership, points, payment) into one
    • Keeps data accurate and prevents mistakes
    • Think about future growth to avoid needing a complete system change
  2. Scalability
    • Allows for easy expansion in the future
    • Adapts quickly to market changes and new technologies
    • Easily add new tools with API
    • Ensures fast and smooth growth without problems
  3. Customer Retention and Acquisition
    • Keeps existing customers and attracts new ones
    • Provides insights into customer behavior across different channels
    • Uses data to send personalized marketing messages, boosting loyalty
    • Manages inventory effectively to prevent stockouts
    • Uses new technologies for efficient management and business expansion
    • Encourages seamless interaction between online and offline channels to build stronger brand connections

Your One-Stop Solution: Exabytes New Retail

New Retail

As a retail solution provider, Exabytes New Retail (ENR) tackles core issues to help brands achieve true OMO integration, driving exponential growth.

  • Managing Multiple Channels: Brands that used to only sell in stores now have trouble handling online and offline sales. Simplifying these problems doesn’t help much.
  • What is OMO?: OMO means letting customers choose freely between online and offline shopping at every stage. Brands need to make sure these choices work smoothly together.

Exabytes New Retail (ENR) seamlessly merges online and in-store experiences, ensuring a smooth shopping journey for your customers.

Whether they’re exploring online or making in-store purchases, it all effortlessly integrates with our online-to-offline retail solution.

If you want to combine online and offline sales, choose the right tools.

Cheap, simple systems won’t solve future problems.

With our practical experience, you can grow efficiently and avoid issues.

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