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How Exabytes New Retail Can
Help Retail and Online Businesses

Taking an omnichannel approach, Exabytes New Retail provides a seamless, multi-channel shopping experience to your customers. Businesses can now implement an offline-merge-online (OMO) approach, with comprehensive solutions such as online stores (e-com), membership CRMs, and retailer mobile apps to understand customers better, integrate retail and online store purchases, and increase sales revenue.


Increase in brand loyalty


Customer spending in multiple channels


Overall sales increase

The Future of Retail

Retail businesses are changing, and connecting to your customers is more important than ever. Traditional retail reaches customers through one channel only, while “new retail” can reach customers through multiple channels simultaneously. This approach will increase your brand awareness and potential sales. The OMO business model helps businesses with their digital transformations.


Online-Merge-Offline Essential Elements

Customers (members) are the main element of the OMO business model. Your customers will enjoy shopping experiences on a mobile app, in an online store, and in a physical retail store, enhancing the brand and shopping experience.

Three main components surround customers to create the perfect OMO ecosystem:

Successful Businesses that Transformed into New Retail


How It Works

Four main solutions merge your offline business with your online business to increase overall sales: an e-commerce platform, CRM, retailer mobile app, and OMO platform.

OMO Solution Platforms


Referral Feature

Retail assistants can recommend customers download the app, assigning this action as a referral. All commission from offline retail or the online store can then go to the correct retail assistant.


Review various detailed reports to understand business trends, referrals, sales transactions, service performance, and much more.

Offline Purchase Tracking via Facebook

Track offline retail transactions from customers by linking to Facebook ads.

Retail Management

With a GPS-tagged retail store location, customers can easily obtain nearby store services and promotions while using the app.

Retailer Mobile App

Membership Registration

Customers can register their membership in three seconds.

Purchase Record History

Members or customers can capture and view their retail and online purchases on the mobile app.

Discount Vouchers

Retail assistants can use discount vouchers to encourage retail purchases, mobile app downloads, or membership registration.

Offline to Online Checkout

Offline retail can provide product testing and offer later checkout payment on the mobile app.


Customer Relationship Management


Membership Classification

Classify different members based on different criteria. Provide different membership classifications with unique benefits.

Membership Anniversary Promotion

Increase member loyalty by providing birthday / anniversary promotions or incentives for new members.


Promote new arrivals or new promotions to members using app push notifications or SMS.

Membership Management Reports

View members’ average spending reports, growth trends, and purchasing behaviour to make better business adjustments.

E-Commerce Online Store

Mobile App

Launch your business’s mobile app on iOS and Android for your customers. Increase brand loyalty and sales frequency.

Simple Content Management System

Use ready-made templates and an easy-to-use backend content management system (CMS) to design and upload products to your online store.

Discount Vouchers

Offer different types of discount vouchers to increase sales, such as new-member discounts, free shipping, and limited quantity vouchers.

Order Management

Check orders received from your online store, arrange for packing, and carry out stock return management conveniently. Experience precise and automatic updates.


Infrastructure OMO Overview

By using Exabytes New Retail, your business’s entire infrastructure is taken care of. You only need to manage the business by providing a seamless experience to customers.


Exabytes Managed Services

Exabytes New Retail can help your business implement “new retail” entirely with managed services.



Our experts will understand and evaluate your business and then provide a recommendation for your retail and e-commerce business before implementing the solution.


Setup and Configuration

Our team will handle all the setup and configuration needed to onboard the system. All you need to provide is the relevant data.



Once the onboarding is completed, the person in charge will be trained on using the system to ensure your business enjoys the maximum potential of “new retail”.


Security Monitoring

Have peace of mind about your business operations. Our technical team will handle all monitoring and security issues that may appear.


System updates

Our technical team will implement the latest system updates and perform maintenance to ensure your business continues to operate seamlessly.


Bundle services

Take advantage of our one-stop solution with our additional bundle services to complement implementation. Try creative as a service, digital marketing as a service, or managed e-commerce as a service.

Ready to Embark on Your “New Retail” Business?

Talk to our consultants to learn more about how Exabytes New Retail can help your offline and online business grow simultaneously.

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    Receive consistent traffic to retail, online store and mobile app to create a seamless shopping experience for your customers

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    Variety of promotions encouraging customer to enjoy cross-platform purchases

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    With proven data, you can easily understand the business trend and achieve highest conversion

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    Easily group and segmentise your customers for better understanding of their purchasing behaviour

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    Notify and communicate with your potential customers through App push notifications, SMS, newsletters

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    Various report indications to show business operation trends and members growth to help understand business effectiveness

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    System integration

    Merging online store and offline retail data into a system for cohesive work management.

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    Retailer App

    Retailer App is a mobile app that act as a marketing tools that will be used by all the shop assistant to help them understand walk in customer that is already your store member and helping them to buy effectively to increase conversion

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    Management reports

    Comprehensive reports to help business strategies decision to increase sales through different channels.