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How Exabytes New Retail Solution
Helps Local Retail Business?

Data-Driven Insights

Make strategic decisions based on thorough data analysis and interpretation

AI-Powered Analytics

Leveraging customer preferences and behaviors with AI-powered analytic

Revenue Growth

Increase your offline and online sales revenue by up to 40%

Successful Businesses that have Transitioned into New Retail


Your Story Worth Being Shared

Exabytes aims to help Malaysian Local Retailers to document their brand story and retail journey through a series of documentaries, podcasts and articles. Meanwhile, Exabytes look towards raising the retailer's awareness of Digital Transformation.

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Integrated Your Retail Experiences

Integrate your retail and online experiences seamlessly to provide a personalized shopping journey and enhance customer loyalty.

Boost Retail and Online Sales Simultaneously

Drive revenue growth and expand your customer base by optimizing both retail and online channels with our expert strategies.

Be at the forefront of the New Retail trend

Stay ahead of your competitors and capitalize on the emerging New Retail trend by implementing our cutting-edge solutions.

Unified All Platform Into One

Achieve maximum efficiency and gain valuable insights by unifying your retail store, e-commerce platform, mobile app, and customer behavior analysis in a single system.

Start New Retail, Drive Your Sales 24/7

Official website + App

Develop your own brand official website and native mobile app, build the most comprehensive New Retail business model for your retail business

Diversified marketing mechanism

Purchase promotions, loyalty points, in-store coupons and more than 10000 marketing mechanism could help you increase the sales conversion rate

Efficient Operation

Business trend reports, real-time sales rankings, discount & promotion campaign and more than 20 reports that help you make smart decision with just one click.

Maximizing Membership Success
with Data-Driven Strategies

Personalized Communication

Design personalized marketing communication based on members' preferences, browsing behavior, recent purchase intentions and etc. to convey the most effective content to your targeted audiences

Membership insight

Analyze the effectiveness of multi-channel diversion through the diversion attribution report, list performance report, member key indicators, member business trends, etc. to discover opportunities for membership growth

Customer Lifetime Value

Diversified & flexible membership benefit, membership tier and other mechanism settings allow your brand to tailor various membership benefits to enhance member loyalty and consumption contribution

Fusion of Physical and Digital.
Enhance New Retail Transformation to Store Experience


Online complement Offline

Leverage APP to issue in-store coupons, collection points, BOPIS to drive outlet traffic. Offering free shipping, add shopping cart for customer, order assistance and other benefit via APP could address offline retail shortcomings.

“Referral” facilitate the growth of OMO

The "Referral mechanism" can fully recognize the performance of each store staff with corresponding reward. Referrer mechanism can encourage your staff to promote OMO membership all out.

Facilitate relationship between outlet and consumers

Acquire new members in second, scan the QR code at the store, register as a member, and download the App, the whole process is completed in one go

Upgrade Service to achieve Accurate Sales

Frontline Device allows retail assistants to use mobile phones/tablets to query customer CRM, seize customer’s omnichannel consumption records, product preferences, and membership benefit in a click

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– 张进鸿,创办人


– 张进鸿,创办人

Exabytes Managed Services



Evaluate, recommend, implement solution for your retail business.


Setup and Configuration

Leave the tedious job to us, you just provide relevant data will do.



We will provide training to maximize new retail potential for your business.


System updates

We will perform regular maintenance and updates to ensure worry-free operations.


Security Monitoring

We will handle all monitoring and security issues that may appear.


Bundle services

Take advantage of our one-stop solution with our additional bundle services to complement implementation


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    Our Payment Methods

    Step 1


    System integration

    Merging online store and offline retail data into a system for cohesive work management.

    Step 2


    Retailer App

    Retailer App is a mobile app that act as a marketing tools that will be used by all the shop assistant to help them understand walk in customer that is already your store member and helping them to buy effectively to increase conversion

    Step 3


    Management reports

    Comprehensive reports to help business strategies decision to increase sales through different channels.

    Step 1



    Easily group and segmentise your customers for better understanding of their purchasing behaviour

    Step 2



    Notify and communicate with your potential customers through App push notifications, SMS, newsletters

    Step 3



    Various report indications to show business operation trends and members growth to help understand business effectiveness

    Step 1



    Receive consistent traffic to retail, online store and mobile app to create a seamless shopping experience for your customers

    Step 2



    Variety of promotions encouraging customer to enjoy cross-platform purchases

    Step 3



    With proven data, you can easily understand the business trend and achieve highest conversion