Exabytes Malaysia SME 2023 CNY Luncheon a Success


Exabytes Malaysia SME 2023 CNY Luncheon a Success

It was an entertaining afternoon packed with delicious food and fruitful networking as Exabytes hosted its 2023 Chinese New Year Luncheon with all the SMEs, manufacturers, business owners, entrepreneurs, traders, exporters, logisticians, economy experts, representatives from the Government Agencies, NGOs, and etc.
Over 80 participants turned up at the Muhibah Seafood Restaurant on 2 Febuary 2023 to celebrate this auspicious festivity.
Besides being served a festive spread that included yee sang, the crowd was also entertained by a flash back videoclip which showcase all the good memories of those events organised by Exabytes in 2022.
Ms. Cheong Peng, Vice President of Digital Sales, Exabytes, in her speech, shared the achievements of Exabytes MySME export in 2022, including:
  • Connected nearly 2500 Companies throughout Malaysia
  • Total 80 hours of workshop, webinar , seminar and forum
  • Generated more than 10 millions of sales for our clients through our top backend team
  • 95% of Exabytes clients achieve 3x traffic boost
  • Helped 2x more clients increase Star Ratings as compared to Q1 2022
  • Recognized as Top Service Provider by Alibaba in 2022

Cheong Peng also announced that Exabytes MySME Export will be going nationwide in 2023 with 100 hours of premium Global Trade / Export workshop as well as bigger scale event.
Besides, Ms. Nianci Phang (Head of Marketing & Business Development, APAC, Alibaba.com) also praised Exabytes who have been working together tirelessly with Alibaba.com to enable, support and empower more businesses through digitalisation of B2B business.
“Exabytes is one of Alibaba.com’s most valued channel partner in Malaysia. We remain steadfast in our commitment to better provide the support and solutions to help more Malaysian businesses, by lowering the barriers to entry, through digital and online tools, designed especially for SMEs.”
She also introduced a new service for Malaysian suppliers, called Verified Suppliers, which is only available to only handful of the 200 markets.

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